Katina Danae

A few weeks ago, Danae learned that a movie she wanted to see was going to be shown on cable. She got excited and took note of the date. When in doubt about the content of any movie, I research first before I agree. And then I watch it with them. My girls know weContinue reading “Katina Danae”


Our new series in church is 10X, all about the next generation. While listening to the preaching yesterday, I was close to tears. Aside from Ptr Jonathan’s touching story about his brave teenage daughter KC who went through so much as a child, operations for her cleft palate and scoliosis, bullying and isolation because sheContinue reading “10X”


I watched the end of the Corona Trial and noticed that our senators are OLD. The senate president is apparently over 70 years old. I wondered why they were still there. Maybe they just love what they do. But then I also wondered if they were teaching somebody younger to do what they do, toContinue reading “I CHALLENGE YOU!”