So Here We are Again….

Here we are again, almost time for elections, online discussions getting heated. On the one hand, I appreciate the passion people have for our country. I learn from their posts. I believe they really have a place in this world, to challenge our minds and our points of view. Or actually reinforce what we alreadyContinue reading “So Here We are Again….”

My Thoughts on the Elections

Do not become the very person you despise. I was writing a Facebook status but realized that my thoughts couldn’t be contained in one line. But don’t worry, this won’t be very long either. The 2016 elections have certainly brought out our values and our character as individuals. I appreciate our freedom to speak, shareContinue reading “My Thoughts on the Elections”


King and I were invited to speak to the youth of Muntinlupa in their leaders’ summit last year. I had the privilege to share about H.O.N.O.R. to the women. And believe me when I say, I preach to myself as well. H.UMBLE. A person who comes from a place of honor comes from a placeContinue reading “H.O.N.O.R.”


About a month ago, Danae and I had this conversation. Me: Nae, do you do this to your piano teacher? Do you whine and complain? Danae: No. Me: Why not? Danae: Because I don’t want her to get mad. Me: What about me? Danae: You’re my mom. It’s okay. I was telling King this, IContinue reading “Overfamiliarity”


We teach our kids to respect their elders. It’s quite easy when it’s with our friends, relatives, even strangers. They almost always say hello and treat them with respect. It’s another story when it’s people in our house, namely Mommy and Daddy (haha) and the helpers. Just this morning, I heard Noelle talk disrespectfully toContinue reading “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”