I Said Yes

King couldn’t offer me the moon because it was too far. He couldn’t offer me the sun because it was too hot. He couldn’t _ADY0013offer me wealth because he had none. But he offered me his love. Exactly nine years ago, he asked me to be his queen. I said yes then, and I would say yes again and again and again.

72887_626859087328790_1406404459_nI love you, babe. You, next to Jesus, are God’s greatest gift to me. You are one of the best reminders of God’s extraordinary work in my life. I cannot thank Him enough for taking me out of the mire, out of the desert, and for ushering me into a new, full life. He redeemed and restored me. He made me new. And as if that wasn’t enough, He blessed me. He gave me you. Happy “ninth proposal anniversary!” I love you. 🙂