In A Hurry?

Last month, Noelle and I went grocery shopping while waiting for Danae to finish her piano lesson. Because Las Piñas doesn’t use plastic anymore and I didn’t bring my own bag, I opted for a box. It was a big box. I was in a hurry, so I told the bagger that he didn’t need to tie up the box anymore since it was going straight from the cart to the car. He hesitated but agreed.

Not 3 seconds after he lifted the box, the bottom gave (apparently because it wasn’t “sealed”) and all its contents fell in the cart. He commented that he should have just tied the box. Poor guy was sweating from the pressure, but he was still kind to me.

I thought I was trying to help him (and myself) by suggesting what I thought was a quicker way, but boy, was I wrong. It took twice as long and it took twice the effort and stress.

Lesson learned? SLOW IS FAST. Short cuts in life most often result in more delays, more waiting, more setbacks. Quick and easy now doesn’t always benefit you in the long run. It may mean slow and difficult later. There is merit in being patient and being willing to go through certain processes. Basics, foundations, standard operating procedures may grow old on us at times, but they are for our own good.

So whether it’s discipleship, or growth and maturity, or starting a new job, or hoping for promotion, or learning something new, or processing papers, or mending a broken heart, or waiting for “the one,” or merely waiting for the bagger to pack our groceries, we need to remember that SLOW IS FAST. Instead of trusting in our own “brilliant ideas,” though sometimes they are truly brilliant and worth doing, and instead of pushing our own agendas, let’s trust more in the One who knows best. The One who supplies the grace we need. The One who has greater ability, clearer vision, and a better sense of timing than any of us do. 🙂

Just My Thoughts, Parenting


My 5-year-old Danae is in Kinder. She goes to Kidvantage Learning Center, a school 10 minutes away from our house. We were always open to homeschooling, but seeing that Danae enjoyed her first tries at school so much and that she’s such a people person, we decided to enroll her in a regular school — a small school, whose teacher to student ratio is ideal (1 plus 1 assistant is to 12) and whose teaching styles, activities and results I am quite happy with, and whose teachers are very approachable. I believe a small school is the next best thing to homeschooling, because I can better monitor my child’s progress and growth than if she were in a big school. Oh and did I mention that I do not believe I am patient enough to create a lesson plan myself, let alone teach my kid daily? Funny thing is I used to work as a teacher, and I think I’m a pretty okay teacher. But reviewing for Danae’s exams this school year just proved to me that we should not YET do homeschool, for my sake and hers. Needless to say, there were times we both got exasperated and frustrated.

So why on earth did I ask her which she preferred between regular school and homeschool last week??? I wasn’t even thinking. Maybe I was expecting her to say something else, but man, was I unprepared for her answer! She actually told me that she wanted to do homeschool. She said she wants to just do homework, and that I should just buy the books. What!!??? I thought for sure she’d tell me she loves school and that she’d miss her friends. Instead she told me she wants to do what her friends Pablo and Jaden are doing.

I panicked in my head, knowing that I will not be able to pull that off so soon! I was set to enroll her for next year already. So I resolved to make a deal with Danae. WE BOTH AGREED THAT WE WILL TRY HOMESCHOOLING IN 1ST GRADE.

When I told my friends, they laughed (because they know me and my apprehensions) and gave me all the selling points of homeschooling — no more homework because all the work is done at home, no more tardiness, I can meet Danae at her level, our schedule will be more flexible, and so on. What solidified the decision to wait till and start in 1st grade was what my friend Michelle said. Her 3rd son Jaden will be in 1st grade the same year that Danae is!!! That makes me feel so much better — that I can ask help from a veteran homeschooling mom (she’s been homeschooling her boys for at least 9 years I imagine, since her eldest is now 12), and ride along her lesson plans and then learn from there. The task doesn’t seem as daunting anymore.

So as I gave my word to Danae, we’re homeschooling in June 2012. I have more than a year to prepare the curriculum, lesson plan, etc…to prepare Danae, and most especially to prepare myself. We’ll take it a year at a time. God help me! 🙂