“My Bully”

Danae and I were talking about short hair this morning, when Danae mentioned her former classmate in regular school who had short hair. She called her “my bully.” I knew Danae felt bullied before, but it just surprised me that she actually labelled the girl with such ownership. Naturally, we told her that it wasContinue reading ““My Bully””


Our new series in church is 10X, all about the next generation. While listening to the preaching yesterday, I was close to tears. Aside from Ptr Jonathan’s touching story about his brave teenage daughter KC who went through so much as a child, operations for her cleft palate and scoliosis, bullying and isolation because sheContinue reading “10X”

“I don’t know.”

There are many instances where my kids do things that make absolutely no sense to me — things like doing again the very thing that has gotten them hurt or in trouble, or getting upset that they’re being”blamed” for doing something they actually did, or filling their bags with all sorts of things they don’tContinue reading ““I don’t know.””

Jesus and Parenting

2012 was such an enlightening year for me, especially in parenting. There was a season where I was always stressed, very easily angered and often very much frustrated. I would complain to King about how our kids were turning out. They had their great moments, no doubt, but when they would disobey, I would beContinue reading “Jesus and Parenting”

We Weren’t Invited!

Some time last year, we were looking at pictures of a party posted on Facebook. Danae: Aww, how come we weren’t there? Me: Oh because we weren’t invited, love. Danae: Why?! Me: It’s okay, babe. We don’t always have to be invited. Danae: But why? Did they forget us? Me: No. Of course they haven’tContinue reading “We Weren’t Invited!”

Perks of Homeschooling — Opportunities

Sparks Homeschoolers have had a tradition of putting up a bazaar during the Christmas season for the last 3 or 4 years. This year, they had the opportunity to do it in a commercial place called Soderno, a big tent open only on weekends for food and bazaars in Molito Lifestyle Center. King and IContinue reading “Perks of Homeschooling — Opportunities”


Our family went out to watch Wreck It Ralph last Monday. It was such a fun movie! I loved the whole concept. Brilliant and super creative. Anyway, so I bought the tickets, went to the snack bar, ordered 4 hotdog sandwiches and popcorn. The guy in the counter asked me later on if I wantedContinue reading “Just DIFFERENT”

It’s Just A Song

Danae was singing a One Direction song the other day, which she heard from other people (disclaimer hehe), and its lyrics went something like “let’s go crazy crazy crazy till we meet the sun.” I told her to stop singing it because she had no clue what it meant and their songs are mostly aboutContinue reading “It’s Just A Song”


We teach our kids to respect their elders. It’s quite easy when it’s with our friends, relatives, even strangers. They almost always say hello and treat them with respect. It’s another story when it’s people in our house, namely Mommy and Daddy (haha) and the helpers. Just this morning, I heard Noelle talk disrespectfully toContinue reading “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

Magazines and Parenting

My family and I went to a book store last Monday to buy some supplies. As we were getting ready to pay and line up at the counter, King told me to go to the other one. There was no one in line, so I started to protest. Then I saw, just as he wasContinue reading “Magazines and Parenting”