long distance relationship

King’s been out of the country for over a week and though the girls and I have been doing okay, it has been tough. For one thing, the girls were sick when he left. There was no question as to him leaving because it wasn’t that bad and frankly, I didn’t even think of itContinue reading “long distance relationship”


Anybody want to try? Some are no-brainers but some are a bit tough. As Noelle runs away, she says “Tech me ten!” (actually a 5-word sentence, also a movie starring Leo De Caprio) She pauses and says with both palms in front of her, “hey….dia!” (another 5-word sentence; in other words “eureka!”) She likes toContinue reading “TRANSLATE NOELLE IF YOU CAN!”


My girls’ summer has been full of activities! They’ve gone to a number of swimming parties, play dates, and the like. Noelle started her summer workshop in Danae’s school Kidvantage Learning Center, while Danae is learning ballet in the pink class with TEAM Dance Studio, and has joined OLPMC’s free cheer dance class being handledContinue reading “MY GIRLS’ SUMMER SO FAR”

be happy!!!

Months ago, Danae and Noelle were playing with umbrellas at home. They used it as their “houses.” Noelle was younger then and she just took one of the umbrellas. Danae, of course, protested, saying that she needed it. Noelle was having fun with one, while Danae kept whining that she only had 3 left. WhatContinue reading “be happy!!!”


Being married and raising kids is a tough, tough job. But the way I see it, we spouses and parents, have two choices when we see our family members having trouble with something or doing something we don’t agree with or when we see that they’re about to make a big mistake. Do we engageContinue reading “I CHOOSE CONFLICT!”


Our family loves to travel! I guess it started when my parents took me on my first plane ride when I was newly born. My mom gave birth to me in St. Luke’s, and flew me back to San Carlos, Negros Occidental where we lived then. As far as I can remember, we traveled yearly,Continue reading “FAMILY FIT FOR TRAVEL!”


This was how I felt when the Luceros decided to visit Luneta Park after a children’s party last night. I was pretty excited because the last time I was there was around 10 years ago when I attended the Jesus Revolution. The last time I was in front of our national hero Jose Rizal’s monumentContinue reading “DAYUHAN KA BA SA IYONG SARILING BAYAN?”


EYE CONTACT When Danae was born, I was mesmerized. I could not take my eyes off her and she loved looking into my eyes as well. We would hold our gaze for minutes at a time, especially while she was breastfeeding. It was like communicating to each other how deeply we loved each other, silently.Continue reading “CONTACT!”

Noelle turned 2!

Daughter number 2 turned 2, two weeks ago! Did you know that Noelle is techie? She knows how to use an ipod touch and an ipad. When she sees that round thing spinning, she says “loading pa.” When she can’t turn it on, or it suddenly dies on her, she says “low batt” or “notContinue reading “Noelle turned 2!”


a repost from my tumbler (http://awellofwisdom.tumblr.com/), written October 27…. My 5-year old daughter had her best friend over today, and my hubby called me into the room they were at to show me what they had done. All the stuffed animals on the topmost shelf of my closet were on the floor — Danae climbedContinue reading “HAND-ME-DOWNS”