A Sense of Right and Wrong

Danae’s got a strong sense of right and wrong, though sometimes she “forgets” to apply it in her own life haha. When she saw a picture of a woman, who was not at the beach or by a pool, showing her tummy, she quickly commented with kind of a smirk and a funny tone: She’sContinue reading “A Sense of Right and Wrong”


A few months back, at some mall, Noelle needed to do number 2. King told me to go to a certain bathroom. King: there’s a bidet (bē-dā’) there. Danae: (being the ultra inquisitive girl that she is) what, daddy? whose birthday is it? King: huh? no one’s. Danae: because you said b-day. BIDET = B-DAYContinue reading “Bidet?”