A mother’s day poem

Handog namin ngayong araw na ito, Para sa aming nag-gagandahang mga ina, Ang pasasalamat at pagmamahal, Na sana’y inyong madama. 💙 Salamat po’t hindi nyo insip ang sarili, Hinayaan nyong mapagod at mahirapan, Dahil sa loob ng siyam na buwan, Kami’y nakitira sa inyong sinapupunan. 💙 Hindi kayo noon makatulog ng mabuti. Hindi masyado makakainContinue reading “A mother’s day poem”

What Do You Love About Mom?

The girls gave me cards for mother’s day, and in the evening, during dinner, King asked the girls what they love about me. ❤️ So what do they love about me? Danae said that I was patient with them even though they give me gray hair. Hahaha. They always say I’m patient but I reallyContinue reading “What Do You Love About Mom?”

Radical Change

Motherhood. A beautiful gift from the Lord. But a gift that takes work and many times, lots and lots of tears. I remember the time, well one of my big moments of great frustration (believe me, there have been quite a few), I was crying out to God because I was at my wit’s end.Continue reading “Radical Change”

To Moms!

To all the hardworking moms out there…. Exhausted? Frustrated? Feel unappreciated? Confused? Torn? Misunderstood? Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Feel like nothing is going right?   I have two words for you…..       INDOOR PLUMBING.   Yeah. Let that sink in for a while.   Even though you can’t just magically get rid of allContinue reading “To Moms!”


Motherhood. It’s probably one (out of 3, I think) of the craziest things I got myself mixed up in. Fulfilling and life-altering, but crazy nonetheless. 🙂 From painful labor and difficult, scary, and potentially life-threatening deliveries, from bringing the breastfeeding baby wherever I had/have to go, breastfeeding while driving, playing, eating or homeschooling, drinking hotContinue reading “Motherhood”

Mothers’ Day 2014

Dearest Danae and Noelle, You are two of the greatest gifts God has given me. I became a mom because you came into my life. It is my honor and privilege to be with you nearly 24 hours of every single day, loving you, teaching you, disciplining you, playing with you, goofing around with you,Continue reading “Mothers’ Day 2014”

Drama-free Momma

A friend and I were talking about families last week, and I realized that my family is pretty “drama-free.” There aren’t really any issues, at least none that I’m aware of haha. It wasn’t drama-free when I was a teenager and a young adult, pre-Jesus, but it’s been peaceful for a long time now, evenContinue reading “Drama-free Momma”

My Mom

One of the most important things I learned from my mom ever since I was little was INTEGRITY. She always exerted effort to make sure she was truthful and credible, and that her name was respectable. She was, still is, also one who could be trusted with certain information. I remember we were together onContinue reading “My Mom”


Last Monday, our family went on a day-trip to the beach. It was absolutely awesome. And in the afternoon, as I was sitting on the shore, soaking up the sun, I just couldn’t help but look at my eldest daughter. Noelle was resting in the dining parasol at that time. I was just quietly watchingContinue reading “MY JOY”