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It was a very busy Christmas Season for us, all the way up to New Year and Noelle’s birthday.

It’s been busy and exhausting, yet fun, fruitful and meaningful, most especially for our family. We ended 2011 and began 2012 with milestones!

Danae lost her very first baby tooth on December 28, and she’s excited to lose more haha! She was actually saying that she’s excited and happy to be “bungi” (one with missing tooth/teeth) even before the tooth actually fell off. I’m grateful that her friend Ana lost a couple of teeth before she did, that she has someone to look up to and she doesn’t have to feel insecure about how she looks. Let’s hope she feels the same way when her upper teeth go too.

Noelle first learned to pull down her pants, then eventually learned to take off her top (as long as it’s not body fitting). Towards the end of 2011, she learned to put on her undies and shorts by herself, and then her shirt on by herself. Each time she accomplished something, she would excitedly exclaim “I did it!”

Noelle learned early on to feed herself, but chooses not to. “Feed me” she usually says to me, but by year-end, she would already say “Big girl na, mom” and feed herself! Of course there are still times she wants me to feed her, but at least I can now more often pull out the “big girl” card.

Noelle turned 3 last January 6. She’s more friendly now and more willing to perform in front of others. She’s still more cautious than Danae, but somewhat gets over the fear when encouraged. She talks like an adult sometimes but certainly still looks like a baby especially with her chubby cheeks, adorable facial expressions and cute movements. She surprised me by showing me one day that she can sit on the toilet on her own! Soon she’ll be independent just like her big sister, just informing me that she’ll be in the bathroom.

I’m so proud of my girls! I don’t know what anyone can learn from reading this haha, but like some of my blogs, this is mostly to “record history” so that I won’t forget. Many of my blogs have helped me remember, that’s for sure. Happy New Year to all! 🙂

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Summer 2011 has been one fruitful season!

Noelle learned shapes, letter sounds, counting, songs, and keeping her hair clip on for more than 5 minutes (haha) through her summer workshop. She learned to recognize authority and interact with her teachers. Even though at first she was not confident enough to stay in class by herself, she was very responsive. Her teachers would often say that they are sure that at least 1 was listening, because Noelle would almost always answer their questions. She would even assert herself, requesting for her favorite song Row Row Row Your Boat. And finally on the very last day of the workshop, she stayed in class by herself the whole 2 hours without crying!

And just recently, we’ve been on the beginning stages of Noelle’s toilet training. It’s been going on for more than a month now. So far, so good! After she poos in her all night nappy in the morning, we bathe her and no longer put nappy, unless we’re going out for the day. When I tried seeing if she was ready to be toilet trained a few months back, I saw that it was not yet time. She could not pee when I would sit her on the toilet. I thought of using a potty, but before I knew it, we didn’t need one anymore. She tells me and she easily does it now. There are still some accidents, naturally, but I suspect we’ll be nappy free before she turns 3! Just like her big sis!

Danae surprised me much over the summer. Aside from doing well in her cheer dance class and ballet class, she’s been getting better and better at swimming. No formal lessons yet but she can already swim in the deep, without floaters! She also learned to bike without both training wheels in a matter of hours. She was already biking with only one training wheel for a month, then King decided to take out the remaining one. In a matter of 2 hours, maybe even less, she could bike already! Her balancing skills have greatly improved, and so now she can also ride a 2-wheeled scooter and an adult skateboard by herself. Even her drawing skills improved! The stuff that she used to get frustrated with trying to copy and draw 2 years ago, she can now do nicely. She also got frustrated last year when she started trying to whistle and couldn’t. Now she can!

My kids amaze me. I am very proud of my girls for what they are able to accomplish. We are directly involved in helping them, true, but they’re the ones who actually do it. I am grateful that I have the luxury and privilege of witnessing almost every little milestone and breakthrough they experience. Can’t wait to see and document more! 🙂