Been hearing and seeing wonderful proposals lately and I am inspired to write about mine.

Let me attempt to take you with me down memory lane. It was April 14, 2004. I drove to Caloocan at dawn to pick up King in his house. We were set to join around 6 families in a private rest house in Bataan. Because it was our friend Ging Morados’ birthday, King told me that her husband Ptr Janssen Morados asked him to get some roses for her. We passed by the popular local market for flowers, Dangwa. It was my first time there at age 27 haha! It was a treat. We bought 2 dozen roses.

We arrived Bataan early morning. It was a great day! The kids were swimming, playing in the trampoline and around the garden. I fell asleep in the hammock for a while. After lunch, King and I walked down to the beach. Then we played on the seesaw back at the house, not doing much really, except filming ourselves and taking pictures. By late afternoon, King took me to the patio-like area that was overlooking the ocean. It was just the two of us, a huge garden space away from the actual house. We were taking pictures of the ocean, the sky, the boats, and the beautiful sunset. I thought he was acting kinda funny, being unusually giddy, and maybe I had an inkling already. Then he started his spiel.

“I can’t give you the sun…it’s too hot. I can’t give you the moon….it’s too far. I can’t give you money because I have none. All I have is love.”

I didn’t notice that there was music in the background and there were paparazzi on the roof, taking our pictures! Then came out the kids — the kids that I love — each with a rose in hand. 12 kids in all, with the roses that WE bought that morning! They were beautifully queued. One by one, they each gave me their rose and a peck on the cheek. And then Elise, a precious little girl (who is now almost a teenager), at the very end, ran to me with THE RING.

“Will you be MY QUEEN?”

Everything that I loved was in that moment — God, the ocean, the sunset, the children, the friends, and (the) King. Who could say no? 🙂