Kids Church with Noelle

Noelle didn’t want me to leave her in Kids Church last Sunday, so I sat in one of the little chairs. After they colored, the teacher called for the kids to sit on the floor with her. Teacher Joanne: (in preparation for the story telling) Okay kids, what do we do in Kids Church everyContinue reading “Kids Church with Noelle”

learning ABC

Noelle and I were reading her ABC booklet last week. When we got to the letter N… Me: Okay, next. Noelle: N…N…spaghetti? Me: No. N…N.. Noelle: Pasta? Hahaha. 🙂   Then we read her book of shapes. Me: Noelle, what shape is this? Noelle: Circle. Me: Yes, and what is it? Noelle: A nose. Hahaha.Continue reading “learning ABC”


Earlier today, I reminded our helper about the girls’ plants. They heard me. Danae: What’s halaman, mom? Me: Plant. Danae: What’s araw? Me: Sun. Noelle: (pipes in) What’s banana in Tagalog, mom? Me: Saging. Noelle: What’s iPad in Tagalog? Me: ummm, I don’t know. Danae: Elektroniko! (electronics) Haha. Anyone else have a translation for Noelle?Continue reading “What’s……mom?”

A New Law!

Last night, Danae made me tell her what went on at the dinner party we’d gone to without them. She obviously wanted to be with us, but we had to leave both girls at home as she was still recovering from a viral infection. We didn’t want to risk it, and my mom and theContinue reading “A New Law!”


My girls are girls. They love to scream! And they get on our nerves A LOT. We always remind them not to, especially since the neighbors might think they are in trouble. Our neighbors may not be able to distinguish our distress call from the normal screaming. Or maybe they’ll be more suspicious when we’reContinue reading “Scream!”