Cute Noelle?

There’s this bigger boy in Noelle’s school who always bugs Noelle and pinches her cheeks. He just finds her so cute! This week, when I picked her up in school, she told me that she cried because the boy couldn’t resist pinching Noelle (he said sorry, and I don’t blame him haha). Me: Why didContinue reading “Cute Noelle?”


During the homeschoolers’ field trip in Sta. Rosa, Laguna two weeks ago, there was an area outside the bread store where kids were encouraged to write down their “shout-outs” about their experience or whatever they learned from the factory tour. Danae took one of the pieces of paper provided and wrote down hers. It saidContinue reading “Shout-outs!”

When Danae Grows Up

I ask Danae from time to time, what she wants to be when she grows up. Earlier… Me: What do you really want to be when you grow up, Nae? Danae: An artist. Me: What kind of artist? Danae: A singer and a fashion designer… (her consistent answers) Me: Okay. Danae: And an agent andContinue reading “When Danae Grows Up”

Coconut Juice

King likes to buy fresh coconut juice for me. They transfer the juice from the fruit to a bottle. Noelle saw the big bottle in the car. She seriously asked me, “Is that BACK WASH?” Haha. Eeew. She’s used to seeing back wash (of food) in her cup or bottle, and the small bits ofContinue reading “Coconut Juice”

On the Armor of God

King has been teaching the girls about the armor of God. He used a story to help explain it more. He was reviewing the girls last week…. King: Grandma was teaching him how he can make the right choices by wearing a? Danae: Belt. King: What kind of belt? Noelle: A brown one. Hahaha. BeltContinue reading “On the Armor of God”


I finally got to eat at SOMS tonight. We ordered spring rolls, chicken curry, garlic beef, pak bong (kangkong) for dinner, and pad thai to go. Noelle had to go to the bathroom before she finished her meal. As she sat back in her seat… Noelle: Hey…..who ate my lumpia (spring rolls)?! Hahaha. Nobody touchedContinue reading “At SOMS”