And Many More!

Noelle likes to watch Disney Jr. She gets excited when she sees a new commercial, whether it’s for a new show or for new episodes of her favorite shows. There’s this commercial about Tayo, the little bus, wherein the narrator enumerates the characters. Narrator: Citu, Lani, Rogi, Hanna….. Noelle: Mom! Mom! Look! That’s Menimor! WhileContinue reading “And Many More!”

God is watching over you….

After kids church service on her birthday, Danae kept singing their song “God is watching, watching over you, 24/7 watching over you….” During breakfast the next day, she was singing it again. Danae: (pausing from her song) Do you know that Jesus doesn’t blink? Me: He doesn’t? Danae: Yeah, he’s always like this (stares withoutContinue reading “God is watching over you….”

Danae and Death

When Danae was younger and we would talk about heaven, she would say she didn’t want to go to heaven because she didn’t want to die. Lately, on the same topic…. Danae: I don’t want to die yet! King: Of course not yet, but when you die at an old age, you’ll see that heavenContinue reading “Danae and Death”

Letter A

Some lady youth leaders and I were having an informal meeting in the conference room two Saturdays ago. My girls would come in and out of the meeting. At one point, Noelle started drawing on the “white board.” Noelle: Mom, look! Me: Yes, Noelle? Noelle: Big “A” and small “a.” Me: Oh, nice! It wasContinue reading “Letter A”

Wake up Noelle…

On our way to the supermarket last night, Noelle was already situated on my lap, her head on my chest, eyes closed. She was sleepy and tired. We kept telling her not to sleep because we were nearly there. When King parked….. Me: Noelle, wake up, we’re here already. Noelle: (no answer, no movement) King:Continue reading “Wake up Noelle…”

Cute Noelle? (part 2)

Two weeks after her crying incident, Noelle came inside the car and gladly reported to me….. “Mom, kuya Miggy didn’t call me cute anymore. He said I’m beautiful.” Haha. She was really serious about it. She was happy that kuya Miggy didn’t smoosh her face and call her cute. 🙂