Zip it!

Danae burnt herself by touching a coffee maker last week. At first, she was fine. And then all of a sudden, she started freaking out. Danae: It’s owie….waaaaah… Mom: We will put medicine. Danae: It’s not working! It’s still owie…. (kicking and screaming) Mom, help me! Me: I can’t do anything, love. It will goContinue reading “Zip it!”


Danae and Noelle spent time with a number of kids the past few days while we were at Soderno for the bazaar. Right before going to sleep….. Danae: Mom, do you know that ……….. is Chinese? Me: Huh? How do you know that? Danae: (amused) Because I can’t understand her. Haha. She was talking aboutContinue reading “Chinese!”


A few weeks ago, as we were walking around in South Mall, Noelle stopped in her tracks because she noticed something APPALLING. Noelle: Make-up for boys?! Eeeew. Hahaha. She saw a cardboard cut-out of a Korean actor on the front door of Etude House, a make-up shop. How she knew it was a make-up shopContinue reading “Etude”


On the road to Balingoan, Misamis Oriental, King was driving, Ptr John del Rosario was in front beside him, while Ptr John’s wife Joyce, the girls and I were at the back. Danae fell asleep on my lap, while Noelle was sitting between me and Joyce. Noelle: (in her usual sweet tone) Mommeeee, I wantContinue reading “Mommeeeee…..”

Noelle and Joy

My girls and I were at the local supermarket last week to buy some groceries. We were in our usual position — Noelle in the cart, Danae walking along. Noelle’s favorite color is pink and is drawn to it whether it’s a cute thing, a toy, clothes, even food. As we passed a certain lane,Continue reading “Noelle and Joy”

Noelle’s Mistake

In the new Ayala mall in Cagayan de Oro called Centrio earlier, we were trying to book a van going to Dahilayan Adventure Park. Noelle had to go to the bathroom, I accompanied her. She surprised me because she knew her way back. It was our first time there. She was running ahead of me,Continue reading “Noelle’s Mistake”

But, I Didn’t!

My daughters love each other. When they are in great spirits, they are so sweet and considerate of each other. But they can really get into it when they argue and bicker. They get each other in trouble too! Danae often gives us the excuse that Noelle did it first or Noelle gave her someContinue reading “But, I Didn’t!”