Like I said previously, Noelle loves to eat bananas. What we have at home now are small ones we call Señorita. Me: Babe, we call our bananas Señoritas, right? King: Yes. Noelle: (gets in my face, with a loud voice) HINDI (no)! Me: (waiting) Noelle: SENORITO! Haha, don’t know how she figured out the genderContinue reading “Señorita!”

Little Monkey

Noelle loves bananas, and has accepted that she is our little monkey. She was goofing around, standing by the stairs, laughing, eating her banana while her sister biked around (yes, inside our house). The first time she threw her banana peel on the ground and laughed, I told her it wasn’t funny. I asked herContinue reading “Little Monkey”

Happy 4th Birthday Noelle!

Noelle turned 4 today. We had a candle blowing thing with her cousins on King’s side last Friday. My (King’s) sister-in-law came with her yummy Moosh lemon cupcakes, and we ordered a huge pizza from Big Guy. The girls slept the night there. We rescheduled her candle blowing in church to next Saturday, and justContinue reading “Happy 4th Birthday Noelle!”

On Fasting

The other day, on our way home, Danae mentioned something about fasting. Danae: In January mom, I’m going to FAST EAT. (she meant fast, since our church has an annual prayer and fasting in the beginning of the year) Me: why Nae? (we were trying to teach her that she needs to know why sheContinue reading “On Fasting”

Thank you Jesus!

On Christmas day, we did our final advent wreath tradition, wherein we lit up all four candles and the center Jesus candle. Me: Before we blow out the candles (and sing a happy birthday song to Jesus), tell me what you are thankful to Jesus for. Danae: I’m thankful to Jesus for making the stars,Continue reading “Thank you Jesus!”

On Christmas Carols

Noelle’s rendition of the classic JINGLE BELLS. Noelle: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all way…. ON THE FARM IS TO RIDE…… Last night, kids started Christmas caroling in our house. (That’s what they do here in our country, without invitation, to ask for money.) I told Danae to say “Patawad” (sorry) since I wasn’t preparedContinue reading “On Christmas Carols”

Noelle’s Confusion

We were invited to a Christmas get-together in San Juan last week. Danae and Noelle got to spend time with their friends. At first, Noelle was quiet because she had just woken up. When she was already playing, she needed to pee. In the bathroom…. Noelle: Mom, I’m COMFUSED. I don’t know who is theContinue reading “Noelle’s Confusion”

Noelle’s Revelation

One afternoon last week, Noelle approached me at the dining table with a serious question. Noelle: Mommy, I don’t know what shape Mickey Mouse is. Me: What do you mean? He’s a mouse. Noelle: OH. What about Minnie? Me: Also a mouse! That’s why it’s Mickey MOUSE and Minnie MOUSE. Hahahahaha. She’s been watching MickeyContinue reading “Noelle’s Revelation”

While in Piano Class

Danae came home from her piano lesson last Saturday with an interesting story. Danae: Mom, while I was in piano class, I wanted to make oo-tut (fart/pass gas). Me: And then? What happened? Danae: I told my teacher to PULL MY FINGER. Hahahahaha. Danae: And then I made baho na baho oo-tut (really stinky fart).Continue reading “While in Piano Class”