Too Much or Too Little

Noelle either pronounces certain words without the beginning letters or with an additional letter at the end. Whether it’s Despicable Me 1 or Despicable Me 2, to 2-year old Noelle and to 4-year old Noelle (now), it’s SPICABLE ME. She claims to be her dad’s minion too. 🙂 During her friend’s birthday celebration last month,Continue reading “Too Much or Too Little”


One night, Noelle saw something flying in our room. Noelle: Aaaah, it’s a MOF! She pronounces TH as F in certain words. 🙂   A few weeks back, we drove thru McDonald’s. Noelle: Mom, I want a happy meal. I want the sNurf toy. She got one of the naughties (not really sure because weContinue reading “Noelle-isms”

What the Hell?

During dinner, King was telling my Mom about funny questions he had heard asked at a contest at work. He also came up with some that were in Filipino. We were all having a good laugh. King: Kung mamamatay ka, bakit hindi pa ngayon? Danae: (correctly translating what she could understand) If you’re going toContinue reading “What the Hell?”


Danae and I were talking about our friends Alfred, Amanda and their son Keon, whose birthday we celebrated last week. Danae: Where do they stay when they’re here, mom? Me: In tita Amanda’s mom’s house. Danae: Have I been there? Me: Ummm…. Danae: Oh right right, I have. When you and tita Amanda had dinner,Continue reading “Delivery!”

With Ptr Sonny (part two)

I was at Sunday service yesterday when King told me about Noelle asking Ptr Sonny to buy her fries. A while later, Noelle came to me with fries in hand. She stayed with me till I finished service. I stay at the back so I do not disrupt others listening to the sermon. When weContinue reading “With Ptr Sonny (part two)”

With Ptr Sonny (part one)

This story was told to me by King and another pastor in church, Ptr Sonny Oaman, whom Noelle likes to bug in his office in church from time to time. Noelle: Tito Sonny, can you ask her (maintenance staff) to buy fries for me with my money? Sonny: Oh sure! Where’s your money? Noelle: (showsContinue reading “With Ptr Sonny (part one)”


We spent most of the day at Bonifacio High Street today. As we were walking, the girls saw a really cute puppy. Could’ve been a Maltese or any furball-like breed. Girls: Oh cute! I want a puppy like that! Noelle: Look, there’s another one! Danae: Aw cute! Is that a poodle? Me: Um, I’m notContinue reading “Puppy!”

School of Rock

King and I were out all afternoon today, getting my license renewed. When I called the house, I found out the girls were watching School of Rock without our permission. They obeyed when they were told to shut it off. Tonight, as we were getting them ready for bed, Danae came out of the bathroomContinue reading “School of Rock”