Laugh-a-mondays – Dec 2, 2013

Some time last week, Noelle and I were talking about something I really can’t remember anymore (thanks epidural — excuses, excuses haha). She kept asking and I kept telling her, tomorrow. Noelle: (being a smart aleck) Tomorrow?!? Tomorrow na lang?! Me: Sige, no na lang. (Fine, no then.) Noelle: (conceding) Sige mom, tomorrow na lang.Continue reading “Laugh-a-mondays – Dec 2, 2013”


A few weeks ago, King ran into an old acquaintance. In the car…. King: He’s ______. Me: Oh, the son of __________? King: Yup. He’s married and has kids. Me: What?! Really? He looks so young! (he looked preppy, like he was in high school or college) Danae: And handsome! Haha. Of course she noticedContinue reading “Handsome!”

Noelle on Danae’s Birthday

When we celebrated Danae’s 8th birthday with their cousins last month, they blessed Danae with a very nice hand-me-down violin and a new flute. The girls were so excited with the gifts! Noelle: Ate, show mommy your FLOOP. Hahaha cuuuuute! Floop, flute, whatever! 🙂   We celebrated also with my mom the following day. WeContinue reading “Noelle on Danae’s Birthday”

Whiny Whiny

Last week, my mom bought the girls something from the mall. Of course, not two minutes later, they were already arguing about it. Me: Stop whining and stop fighting about it. Noelle: I waaaaant. Me: Be thankful. Share. Would it have been better if Wowa did not buy at all? Noelle: (with her cute poutyContinue reading “Whiny Whiny”

Noelle-isms in Dahilayan

A few weeks ago in Forest Park, Dahilayan, Bukidnon, Danae discovered some very cheap toys at the cafe there. She, her sister, and their friend Julio bought quite a few. During one of the lunches…. Noelle: Mom, where’s my…where’s my…CHEETO? Uhm, cheetah, anak. 🙂 One other time, they were watching Disney Jr in our hotelContinue reading “Noelle-isms in Dahilayan”

Danae is 8!

One time during lunch, Danae was saying something about soda. Danae: (remembering that her Wowa drinks Coke zero a lot) Wowa should stop drinking soda. Me: Yeah. Danae: Wowa, you know what you should do? You should fast drinking soda and smoking. When it’s fasting (referring to our annual fast in church), you fast that.Continue reading “Danae is 8!”

Noelle and her questions

Noelle and my mom were talking about doors a few weeks back. Noelle: Wowa, do you have a door in your condo? Mom: Yes, one for the bathroom, and one for the bedroom. Noelle: Outside? Mom and me: No, the doors are inside the condo. Noelle: What about your OUTDOOR? Hmm??? Hehehe. 🙂   LastContinue reading “Noelle and her questions”

Danae and tonight’s dinner

King cooked all 3 meals today! What a super dad and hubby! For dinner, he cooked his “chicken ala King”….. Me: mmm, it’s yum babe. Danae: (after I’d already finished my meal) ummm, NO OFFENSE daddy, but I don’t like it. Hahaha. She was so sweet when she said it. But of course in ourContinue reading “Danae and tonight’s dinner”