Funny February Friday

Gianna is four but sometimes she talks like she’s not. I don’t know why I even wonder when her older sisters were the same when they were her age. Just this morning, we had a conversation that went like this… Me: Stay here. I’ll be back. G: No. I’m scared. Me: Scared? Why are youContinue reading “Funny February Friday”

Great Faith

It’s prayer and fasting again! Nothing like starting the year right as a family. Using the kids’ manual, we talked about the great faith of Abraham and then Sarah last night. When asked what could be keeping them from hearing God’s voice, perhaps distracting them during their quiet time, Danae and Noelle gave such honestContinue reading “Great Faith”

Last Funny Friday for 2018

Some words, for some reason, Gianna can’t pronounce properly… Jimastix. Her sisters have been in gymnastics for over a year and it’s still the same. Axe. Just last night she was telling her dad to “axe” the guard where a certain restaurant is. Minja. She said it so convincingly that I “axed” Noelle if itContinue reading “Last Funny Friday for 2018”

Funny Fridays Is Back (for today!)

>Noelle has always been funny with words. Someone in the family, I forget who, was singing Quest’s song entitled Saludo…. Noelle: Saludo? It’s Saluto! (with conviction) Me: It’s Saludo, love. Noelle: Oh, I thought it was salute-Oh. 😀   >Gianna hears a catchy ad once, and she learns it right away. Shopee to the tuneContinue reading “Funny Fridays Is Back (for today!)”

Say what?

One time a week or so ago in the car…. Noelle: Mom, what does Sereni mean?  Serenitea (local milk tea store). I’m not sure if I was able to explain to her what serenity means because she amused me so much. 🙂  Last week, while I was getting her dressed… Gianna: Mickey cwack-ouse! Me: MickeyContinue reading “Say what?”


I have random conversations with my kids, some silly and not so important, others deep and meaningful. Sometimes it starts out with a question or a simple topic, but then I get these thoughts that turn the conversation into a teaching moment. Admittedly, some are so far off topic or too deep that they goContinue reading “Undeserved”

Pizza! Pizza! 

We went grocery shopping two weeks ago when I saw this…. ….and got inspired to make pizza with the girls. I wanted to make our own pizza sauce, so that it’s not full of sodium and preservatives. We used fresh tomatoes. I instructed Noelle to peel them with her fingers but that proved to beContinue reading “Pizza! Pizza! “

Laugh-a-mondays – Dec 2, 2013

Some time last week, Noelle and I were talking about something I really can’t remember anymore (thanks epidural — excuses, excuses haha). She kept asking and I kept telling her, tomorrow. Noelle: (being a smart aleck) Tomorrow?!? Tomorrow na lang?! Me: Sige, no na lang. (Fine, no then.) Noelle: (conceding) Sige mom, tomorrow na lang.Continue reading “Laugh-a-mondays – Dec 2, 2013”


A few weeks ago, King ran into an old acquaintance. In the car…. King: He’s ______. Me: Oh, the son of __________? King: Yup. He’s married and has kids. Me: What?! Really? He looks so young! (he looked preppy, like he was in high school or college) Danae: And handsome! Haha. Of course she noticedContinue reading “Handsome!”