Another Season of Firsts

The past few months have been another season of firsts for our family.

Last April 20-21, King and Danae participated in their very first Me and My Dad Camp. It was held on a mountain in Quezon, with just dads and little kids aged 6 to maybe 10. It was also King’s first time to spend a night alone with Danae. They would go out on dates alone, for about a couple of hours. I have also left both Danae and Noelle at home with him for half the day, but they’ve never been out alone together overnight! It’s easy when they’re at home, but at a camp site, in a tent, without the comfort of their own bathroom? I admit, I was a bit concerned, especially since there would be no heaters in the bathroom. I really warned Danae that she can’t freak out there haha. King was confident and Danae is pretty low-maintenance, so it went well. The memories they built between father and daughter — priceless. I wonder how it would be when he has both girls at the camp 3 years from now haha.

As I blogged a while back, last May 17-19 was Noelle’s first time to attend Vacation Bible Camp. It was a breakthrough for her to stay in a room virtually full of strangers (since her sister and friends were scattered depending on age), for about 3 hours for 3 consecutive days. Great memories were also built at “Pandamaniar.”

During summer last year, Danae had her first try at cheerleading and ballet. She got to perform her cheerleading routine in front of many at Our Lady of Pilar Montessori’s summer recital. That was a first too. We wanted to continue her ballet with TEAM Dance Studio, but our schedules and sleeping habits (haha) did not permit. This year, my mom sponsored her to take piano lessons at Music for Little Mozarts in SM Southmall. It was her first time to take formal lessons, and to be just sitting in one place for one full hour each session! She had 12 sessions between May 2 and May 28, and she got to join the summer recital last June 8. It was her first time to perform, playing the piano, in front of people she didn’t know. She did exceptionally well! She was nervous but she pulled through without a hitch. She is continuing her lessons this month.

Last June 20 was Noelle’s first day of school as a Nursery student in Kidvantage Learning Center. It was another breakthrough as she did not cry nor cling to me! Danae and I were inside school premises, but she did not have any problems staying in her class. On her second day, I was already able to leave her in school without any drama! We are so proud of her! Every time we pick her up to go home, she always says she had fun in school!

The very first MAPE class for school year 2012-2013 was held last June 22. It was Danae’s first time as a homeschool student and it was my first time to teach their class. I actually just read them a story, asked them questions to ensure comprehension, and included some simple vocabulary from the story. It was fun! I love that my daughter gets to learn music & dance from Tita Bianca, arts & crafts from the Battung sisters, and science experiments from Tita May as well.

1st day of homsechool; Bible time with daddy
Bible Time with Daddy

We officially started homeschool on June 26! A little late, I know, but that’s one of the perks of homeschooling. We didn’t mean for it to start that late, but I believe it all fell into place. The homeschool room was ready by then. The materials took a while, but the ones I needed to begin arrived the weekend before. I was also emotionally prepared, since I was able to take my time with the preparations. It went considerably well, it being our first time to do homeschool ever and it being our first day.

The Lord is good. The Lord is faithful. His grace is sufficient indeed. Looking forward to more wonderful firsts this year and in the years to come! 🙂



We converted my brother’s old room into our very own homeschool room! We used purple (Danae’s favorite color), pink (Noelle’s favorite), and green for the walls, ceiling, drawers, and cabinets. We also already had a white and pink desk to begin with, so we needed colors that would go well with that. King and our handyman did the painting.

I originally planned to hang strips of fabric on the curtain rod to make a striped curtain, but since I bought the wrong kind, I braided them instead and used them for Danae & Noelle’s corner, where they can hang their art work. (Yes, we included Noelle even though she’s not being homeschooled yet.) I put old rubber mats on the floor so they have a place to read. Then I opted for a solid bright pink curtain.

I used pipe cleaners to shape my daughters’ names and colored paper as background, and put them in an old picture frame. I tied nylon string at the back so I could hang it on a nail that was already there. I just added stickers to cutify it even more.

These two movable drawer sets have been with us for more than 15 years, and they’ve been idle for more than 10 years. I was inspired to have them painted and used as book shelves, somewhat patterned after a long shelf I saw online, except that one was hanging on the wall. These serve as tables as well, and the drawers themselves could be used as storage. Everything on top, by the way, is not new. We’ve had them for years, and were mostly given. The globe is probably 20 years old.

I was able to put my old letter creations to good use here. Those digital-looking ones date as far back as year 2000. Others I’ve used for parties. The rest are new ones made from old paper. I did not buy anything for this, except those dragon fly stickers on either side. Danae, Noelle & my friend Jo helped me put them up. Danae also commented that the letters are for Noelle since she already knows her alphabet.

It’s been fun creating a space for our daughters that is conducive for learning, for reading, for being creative, and for having fun. Can’t wait to build more wonderful memories with King and my children in here. This is just the beginning! 🙂