a repost from my tumbler (http://awellofwisdom.tumblr.com/), written October 27….

My 5-year old daughter had her best friend over today, and my hubby called me into the room they were at to show me what they had done. All the stuffed animals on the topmost shelf of my closet were on the floor — Danae climbed up and threw them all down! My friend asked me where all those toys came from, and I said most of them were mine. I realized that I had a couple of 26-year old stuffed animals still with me! Of course I’ve handed them down to my kids, but they’re still special to me. They were my first Disney stuffed toys (from Disney World, no less) — Thumper and Dumbo! I’m pretty sure those are the oldest, along with Figment the dragon. I just can’t let go of my Disneys because I was a Disney baby. I loved my cartoon classics. In fact I still have them….had them even before I got married and had kids. Come to think of it, I’ve handed down a lot of things to my daughters — from crayons & markers to coloring books & art paper, to Barbie dolls, toys & videos. I’m no hoarder, but I must say there’s merit in holding on to certain things. My kids now have a piece of my childhood. I say that’s pretty darn cool. 🙂

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