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Before King left, I didn’t have much expectations or anticipations about what it was going to be like. I anticipated that I’d have some difficult days, but that’s typical of every week. I didn’t psyche myself out by already expecting to be overwhelmed and tired. I guess you could say I took it a day at a time. And by the grace of God, here we are. “Reunited and it feels so gooood….” 🙂

Thinking about the past two weeks, even though it was tough to be without King, it was surprising and rewarding.

My children….ah, my children. Since Noelle’s summer workshop began, I’ve been juggling my daughters’ morning schedules because both their classes start at 10am. One morning of hurrying and trying not to be late, which is usual for us FYI, I discovered that Danae is completely capable of walking herself to her cheer dance class after I drop her off at the school’s entrance. I was somewhat okay with trying that because I know the teacher personally and am assured that my daughter is safe. We’ve been doing it ever since. Not only that, she waits for me at the canteen with her other teacher because I am not able to pick her up on time. We just make sure that she has a few pesos to buy her snack, which she does by herself, and that she has a notebook and a pen to keep herself busy. The first time we kept her waiting due to a miscommunication between her parents was terrible. She was almost about to cry when I got to her. But she’s resilient and confident, and we prepared her, anticipating that I may always be late due to Noelle’s workshop that ends at 12. She’s also adjusting well to her class, making new older friends. She’s the baby in the bunch. I can’t wait for their recital this week — she’s showing off her cartwheeling skills!

So why can’t I just pick up Danae before Noelle’s class ends? Well, I did a few times but I was still late because Noelle simply won’t let me go. Up until yesterday, I would have to sit with her in class the whole 2 hours! I was the only 33-year old there taking the summer workshop! But if at first, Noelle did not even want to sing or do the actions of “Pitol Pitol” (Twinkle Twinkle), now she participates! Her current favorite song is Row Row Row Your Boat. She stays put in her seat, responds to teacher’s questions, enjoys playing with the materials, enjoys making art. Her favorites, of course, are playground time and snack time! She’s always excited when it’s time to play and always the first to get her snack bag haha! Even though she doesn’t interact much with her classmates yet, she knows them especially the girls, by name, mentioning them in our daily conversations. I left her a couple of times inside the classroom, following through on the “prep talks” I had with her. Though she cried a lot, I think I can expect that today and tomorrow she’ll be more adjusted to not having mommy inside, but being assured that I’m waiting outside. It’ll take more practice for her and more practice for me not to run to her each time she cries, but we’ll get there. It doesn’t matter much if she doesn’t learn all the colors, shapes, and letters yet, but I want her to learn to trust and be comfortable with others outside our family and circle of friends. I want her to associate school with having fun, which she actually already is because she always says “too  too (school), I want too (school)!”

Both my girls are growing up to be independent and reliable little ladies! It’s such a joy to see them grow! 🙂

My Kids, Parenting


One time last week, Danae recalled an episode of Jojo’s Circus, where Mr. Muscles, a single parent to Maya, got married to Ms. Kersplatski (or something like that). She asked me this very interesting question: “Why do they have a baby? They’re supposed to get married first.” Obviously, I explained to her that Mr. Muscles had a baby with his wife before, who may have died already, and then married Ms. Kersplatski years later. But I did tell her that she was right to say that. She doesn’t know the details of how a baby is made, but it’s interesting that at age 4, she already grasps this concept of MARRIAGE FIRST BEFORE BABIES.

In the car the other day, Danae was whining and complaining about something that we said NO to.
Me:       It cannot always be a YES, Nae.
Danae: I want always YES.
Me:       Okay, so if you ask me if you could go out in the street by yourself, you want me to say yes? So you can get run over by a car?
Danae: No.
Me:       If you ask me if you can jump off a building, you want me to say yes?
Danae: No.
Me:       NO is a very important word. It can’t always be a YES.
Don’t we all need to learn to accept this word? WHEN GOD SAYS NO TO US, IT’S FOR OUR BEST.

We’ve been trying to teach Noelle to clean up, as she is not as compliant as Danae was at her age. It takes effort and some convincing, and there’s sometimes crying involved, before she helps in cleaning up the toys/flashcards/crayons she uses. Danae is almost always eager to help and sometimes volunteers to do it for Noelle. She’ll pick something up even when I specifically tell Noelle to do so. I constantly remind Danae that Noelle will not learn if she keeps doing it for her sister. IT’S GOOD AND NOBLE TO HELP OTHERS, BUT NOT IF IT’S ALREADY GETTING IN THE WAY OF THEIR PROGRESS AND GROWTH.

My Kids

My Noelle!

Noelle is 1 yr and 3 weeks old. She’s not walking by herself yet, nor is she talking, quite unlike her older sister who walked and spoke before she turned 1. Even so, I am not worried because she’s just as smart. She communicates by pointing, gesturing or calling at what or who she wants, and by rejecting what she doesn’t. She tells you that she got hurt by pausing and rubbing the hurt part of her body with her hand. She understands quite a few things already. If you ask her, she knows the light, switch, fan, tv, phone, remote, shoes, ball, balloon, dog, banana, etc. She can tell you where her head, ears, nose and belly button are. If you ask who Noelle is, she’ll put her hands on her chest as her way of saying “me!” Of course she’s been able to do the usual tricks since she was 7 months old – close open, clap hands, pat, high five, wave hi or bye. She could also gesture as we’d sing twinkle twinkle and itsy bitsy spider, and clap whenever she hears d happy bday song. And one of the first tricks she did was put her hand, the phone or anything actually, on her ear when she’d hear the word hello. And then she’d make “uh” sounds as if she was talking to someone. It was also automatic for her to respond by looking around when she heard someone or something and when she was asked where anything or anyone was. By 10 or 11 months, she learned to play peek-a-boo, do beautiful eyes, make pa-cute, sleep sleep, kiss and hug. She learned to put her hands together to pray, and she does it when she knows it’s time to eat! When you give her shades or a headband, she knows to put it on, though she cant do it properly yet. Give her a comb or brush, she’ll try to brush her hair with it…her very little hair hehe. Recently, she’s been climbing a lot. When she got tall enough and discovered she can reach ate’s chair when she raised her leg, she would climb and kneel, sit or even stand on it! When she sits, she immediately points to the matching table, telling me to get it. Cute haha! Oh she also makes this face when she’s making drama. Nobody taught her that! But when you say cry, she’ll show you haha.

Noelle just loves Danae. Ever since, when we’d ask her where ate is, she knew where to look. Gosh, when I ask her where mommy is, she ignores me haha! But when it’s ate, she looks, points, smiles and moves toward Danae right away, even when Danae is sleeping. She loves to hug and kiss Danae. Sigh. It’s such a joy to see it. One of our prayers is that they will have an extraordinary bond as sisters. Thank you Lord! 🙂

People keep asking me how different my two girls are. Well, besides color hehe, Noelle seems to be the more humorous one (kengkoy and patawa) though also strong willed. Danae is less patient but is pretty funny and witty too. Danae is also generally the more fearless one, adventurous and unafraid of most things, while Noelle is more easily intimidated I guess by loud sounds (except fireworks for some reason hehe), people, darkness, and being thrown up in the air. Development- wise, everything was generally quicker with Danae. She transitioned from breast to sippie cup in one day when she was 10 months old. She downed her first cup full of milk just like that! And because of the filling milk, she slept through the night already. Noelle is still breast feeding, though much less now, and won’t drink any milk from the bottle, cup or glass. She doesn’t sleep through the night yet either. But I’m still going to try other milk brands and flavors so I can finally wean her completely. We can do this! 🙂

My girls are different from each other, yet they are both beautiful, smart, blessed, and most importantly very much loved. I’m truly grateful for my danaenae and my noellee. King and I are raising two lovely, lovely daughters.

*Can’t wait to see Noelle walking behind me and to hear her talking! I’m so excited! 🙂