On Christmas Carols

Noelle’s rendition of the classic JINGLE BELLS.
Noelle: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all way….

Last night, kids started Christmas caroling in our house. (That’s what they do here in our country, without invitation, to ask for money.) I told Danae to say “Patawad” (sorry) since I wasn’t prepared to give what we usually give — candy.

Danae: Patawad po. (kids still kept singing)
Noelle: Louder, Ate. They didn’t hear.
Danae: Patawad. (runs to the living room because they still didn’t stop)
Noelle: PATAWAD PO. (silence) I DID IT.

Hahaha, she was so cute. More kids came that night, and without my prompting, the girls said the same thing — “Patawad po!” Haha.

This morning…..
Danae: (in the living room) Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…..
King: (comes out of our room) PATAWAD PO!

Haha. We all had a good laugh. 🙂


Noelle’s Confusion

We were invited to a Christmas get-together in San Juan last week. Danae and Noelle got to spend time with their friends. At first, Noelle was quiet because she had just woken up. When she was already playing, she needed to pee. In the bathroom….

Noelle: Mom, I’m COMFUSED. I don’t know who is the big girl and the sister.
Me: Alba is the big girl and Maja is the baby.

Haha. She kept asking me their names (mostly Maja’s) till a few days after the party. Now she knows them both, except Alba is still sometimes ARABELLA (she has a cousin named Arabella) hahaha. 🙂


Noelle’s Revelation

One afternoon last week, Noelle approached me at the dining table with a serious question.

Noelle: Mommy, I don’t know what shape Mickey Mouse is.
Me: What do you mean? He’s a mouse.
Noelle: OH. What about Minnie?
Me: Also a mouse! That’s why it’s Mickey MOUSE and Minnie MOUSE.

Hahahahaha. She’s been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since she was 1 and has been to Hongkong Disneyland twice, meeting the Mouse himself. What a revelation, to discover that Mickey is actually a mouse! Hahaha. 🙂


While in Piano Class

Danae came home from her piano lesson last Saturday with an interesting story.

Danae: Mom, while I was in piano class, I wanted to make oo-tut (fart/pass gas).
Me: And then? What happened?
Danae: I told my teacher to PULL MY FINGER.


Danae: And then I made baho na baho oo-tut (really stinky fart).

Hahahahaha. She DID NOT get that from me. 🙂


Zip it!

Danae burnt herself by touching a coffee maker last week. At first, she was fine. And then all of a sudden, she started freaking out.

Danae: It’s owie….waaaaah…
Mom: We will put medicine.
Danae: It’s not working! It’s still owie…. (kicking and screaming)
Mom, help me!
Me: I can’t do anything, love. It will go away soon.
Danae: Lord, help me!!!! Noelle, pray for me!!!
Noelle: Ok ate, but first ZIP.

Haha. Danae agreed through tears and Noelle prayed for her. First she wanted her very loud sister to zip it. 🙂



Danae and Noelle spent time with a number of kids the past few days while we were at Soderno for the bazaar. Right before going to sleep…..

Danae: Mom, do you know that ……….. is Chinese?
Me: Huh? How do you know that?
Danae: (amused) Because I can’t understand her.

Haha. She was talking about an adorable little friend of theirs. She’s NOT Chinese. 🙂



A few weeks ago, as we were walking around in South Mall, Noelle stopped in her tracks because she noticed something APPALLING.

Noelle: Make-up for boys?! Eeeew.

Hahaha. She saw a cardboard cut-out of a Korean actor on the front door of Etude House, a make-up shop. How she knew it was a make-up shop is beyond me. 🙂