Funny Fridays – Enchanted Kingdom

Some time last year, we went to Enchanted Kingdom with the volunteers of our church. Upon approaching EK…. Danae and Noelle: …..screaming in excitement….. oh we’re here! i see the wizard! Gianna: ……quiet until…….hotdogs! I see hotdogs! She also seemed more excited to see (and eat) corn than to see (and ride) rides. This girlContinue reading “Funny Fridays – Enchanted Kingdom”

Conversations with Gianna 2

My dad used to call Danae his pretty rosebud. My mom started calling Gianna the same a few months ago. She would say “Good morning, pretty rosebud!” Gianna barely replies. One evening, Gianna poured out my mom’s medicines onto the floor. My mom got angry and scolded her. She cried, I came home, that wasContinue reading “Conversations with Gianna 2”

Gianna’s words 2

Can you translate? Tinny time. Spikamoween…..Despicabonee. Finding Meemo. Feauty and the beast. Mr. Potts. Hello cutie. Madiktuffins. Madikdonalds. Peeyador (chipmunks). Mooza Kappa. Baymask. PJ max. Kalis (in Wonderland). Nafan and Kafleen (original Hi5). Kiddy. Seehorse. Fumbs up. Funder. Jimastics. Cwack a egg. Chocolate poop. Mashe-tato. Skwotz (vitamins). Wodder. Pateo (girls’ schoolmate). Hoklay. Maffew.   GiannaContinue reading “Gianna’s words 2”

Gianna’s words 1

Gianna is nearly 3 and she, like most little girls, is a talker. She’s also at that stage of creating her own monologues, talking to her dolls and laughing by herself. Just now, she came to me and told me that her barbie is hurt. She made our breakfast tray table into a slide forContinue reading “Gianna’s words 1”

Funny Gianna

I haven’t been able to update Funny Fridays, but here’s a bunch of them. Gianna cracks us up constantly. 🙂  1. Last night, she slapped King’s bottom and laughed. She said, “HIGH FIVE BUTT!” 2. Last Dec 1, we were at a baking goods store in Uptown Mall BGC. Gianna usually comments “so kyut” orContinue reading “Funny Gianna”

Danae is 8!

One time during lunch, Danae was saying something about soda. Danae: (remembering that her Wowa drinks Coke zero a lot) Wowa should stop drinking soda. Me: Yeah. Danae: Wowa, you know what you should do? You should fast drinking soda and smoking. When it’s fasting (referring to our annual fast in church), you fast that.Continue reading “Danae is 8!”