Funny Fridays


One of my friends is pregnant and she recently taught Gianna that there’s a baby in her tummy. The other day, Gianna surprised me by rubbing my tummy and saying, “BABY…SIDE.” She meant baby inside. I thought that was funny-slash-scary since the factory is already closed precisely because I don’t want surprise pregnancies (although if God wants us to have another via a miracle, we would welcome him — haha the older girls do want a baby brother). 

Tonight, however, Gianna gave me a bigger laugh. I put on an old onesie on her after washing her up. It’s a pretty tight fit. She suddenly rubbed her belly and said “BABY…SIDE…TUMMY.”

Hahaha. 🙂 

Funny Fridays, My Kids

Food, glorious food!!!

Like Noelle when she was little, Gianna loves to eat. 

The other day, she and I were about to have lunch. She sat down and saw the food.

Gianna: Tota! (Torta – meat and potatoes dipped in egg and fried) Tota pees (torta please).

Me: Okay torta. (I put torta on her plate)

Gianna: Echap (Ketchup)?

Haha. She loves ketchup and apparently she knows what food goes with it! 

Last Sunday, as we were walking through Robinson’s to get to the parking area, Gianna saw a box of   cookies.

Gianna: Tooties (sometimes she says cookies) buy? Buy this. 

Me: No we’re not buyung cookies.

She let it go and walked. I was ahead of her and I heard her say cookies again. When I looked back, I saw her picking up a small pack of cookies. She brought it to the counter which she could barely reach, and said “Miss!” 

Hahaha. Good thing no one was at the counter.

She raises her arm at restaurants too and calls the “Miss” even though it’s a male waiter. The other day she said when she saw a picture of fries, “Oder dis (order this).”

Haha. Clever little girl. 🙂 

Funny Fridays


Ok so I know I said Gianna is a yes-girl. She still is for the most part, but she’s saying No more often these days. 

King: Can I kiss you?

Gianna: No….

King: Why???

Gianna: Uuhhhmmm…. Fetee…(“let’s see” methinks, but I could be completely wrong!)

Haha she never changes her answers. 🙂

The other day, the girls and I were watching the video of the Zootopia theme song as requested by Gianna. The video that followed was another song by Shakira, the Wakawaka. Those are the only Shakira music videos deemed safe in our household. Anyway, the two older girls were trying to copy the dance moves. I stood up and showed them the dances that I knew and used before. Not 5 seconds later, the little one sort of panicked and said while waving her pointer finger:

No na, mommy, no na. Deet down.

Hahaha. I obeyed. 🙂 

Funny Fridays


Like I said in one of my previous posts, Gianna is a yes-girl. She says yes to almost everything. She no longer says Yesh however, but says Yeah.

Do you like it? Yeah.

Do you want to eat? Yeah.

Are you going to read? Yeah.

You want me to “deet down?” Yeah.

Even when the question is not directed at her, she answers Yeah. Sometimes, she answers with Opo. I forget what I asked Noelle, but I was speaking in Filipino. Gianna answered Opo. So I tried something on her.

Me: Gianna, are you sleepy? You want to sleep?

Gianna: Yeah.

Me: Gianna, tulog ka?

Gianna: Oo. Opo.

Hahahaha. It would seem (the operative word, of course) that she can distinguish between English and Filipino. 🙂


Funny Fridays

What will you say?

Gianna is 1 year and 10 months old. I think we started giving her the rod 4 months ago when we saw that she would throw stuff when she was upset. That was our first rule — no throwing. Of course we know the difference between play and disobedience. We also taught her how to pray (she would clasp her hands and bow but look up ever so cutely!), to look us in the eye (though lately she has learned to look up and away to avoid my eyes haha), and say sorry (gentle stroke of the hand on the face of person she’s saying sorry to). These days, the rules include no dabog or tantrum, no screaming, no hitting. We also have to balance the Nos with Please Do This Insteads — please ask nicely, please obey, please speak calmly and softly, please be gentle. 

After the rod, this is how our conversation goes.

Me: Gianna, what’s (insert offense – let’s say throwing)?

Gianna: (crickets, while she looks elsewhere, either on purpose or because she’s distracted)

Me: Gianna, look at mommy. (It takes a while sometimes, but she obeys)

Me: What’s throwing?

Gianna: No-no.

Me: It’s no-no. I gave you the rod because you threw your toys. Don’t do that again okay?

Gianna: Otay.

Me: What will you say to mommy?

Gianna: Tetoo. (Hahhahaah — she says thank you)

Then I tell her that she’s supposed to say sorry, and so she strokes my face wih her hand. I tell her I forgive her, then we pray. 🙂