Online Distance Learning with Gianna

We started school two weeks ago and I’ve been on standby for whatever the kids need. One will ask for her hydro flask or a bowl or some alcohol. Another will ask for anolyte or her hydro. But mostly it’s the little one who asks for anything and everything — “mooooom, I need my soContinue reading “Online Distance Learning with Gianna”

Joke’s On Me

When we picked her up in school….. Me: What did you eat in school? (classmate had a party) G: junk. Me: (laughing) okay. I mean what was the food at Josephs party? G: Who’s Joseph? Joshua pala. That cracked Danae up. 😂   More than one time….. Me: Gianna, are you gonna obey or what?Continue reading “Joke’s On Me”

Funny Gianna

It’s exam week and as I was reviewing Gianna for Science, this conversation transpired…. Me: How about the spoon? Is it living or non-living? G: Non-living. Me: What about the electric fan? G: Non-living. Me: Puppy? G: Living. Me: How about a robot? G: Non-living. Me: Ok why? G: Because it has a battery. Me:Continue reading “Funny Gianna”

Last Funny Friday for 2018

Some words, for some reason, Gianna can’t pronounce properly… Jimastix. Her sisters have been in gymnastics for over a year and it’s still the same. Axe. Just last night she was telling her dad to “axe” the guard where a certain restaurant is. Minja. She said it so convincingly that I “axed” Noelle if itContinue reading “Last Funny Friday for 2018”

Funny Fridays Is Back (for today!)

>Noelle has always been funny with words. Someone in the family, I forget who, was singing Quest’s song entitled Saludo…. Noelle: Saludo? It’s Saluto! (with conviction) Me: It’s Saludo, love. Noelle: Oh, I thought it was salute-Oh. 😀   >Gianna hears a catchy ad once, and she learns it right away. Shopee to the tuneContinue reading “Funny Fridays Is Back (for today!)”

Funny Fridays – Enchanted Kingdom

Some time last year, we went to Enchanted Kingdom with the volunteers of our church. Upon approaching EK…. Danae and Noelle: …..screaming in excitement….. oh we’re here! i see the wizard! Gianna: ……quiet until…….hotdogs! I see hotdogs! She also seemed more excited to see (and eat) corn than to see (and ride) rides. This girlContinue reading “Funny Fridays – Enchanted Kingdom”

Gianna turned “free”

Ever since Mother’s Day this year, Gianna likes to greet us. She greeted my mom and I everyday for the whole month of May practically. She would greet King too haha! And then she learned to greet him Happy Father’s Day in June. When we’d have get-togethers or attend birthday parties, she would always beContinue reading “Gianna turned “free””


One time last month, Noelle and I were eating breakfast together, while the two other girls were still asleep (I love one-on-one moments with my girls). Noelle: How come I’m the only one in the family who doesn’t like sauce? Me: Yeah, there are people who like it, there are people who don’t. Remember myContinue reading “Eeeew….”