Me or You?

Forgiveness is a matter of Lordship. You forgive not because your offender deserves it. You forgive not because what your offender did is okay. You forgive not because you are the bigger person. You forgive not because it’s easy or comfortable. You choose to forgive because, by the grace of God, you choose Jesus overContinue reading “Me or You?”

Sometimes We Fail

We are imperfect human beings. When we have children, our imperfections show even more. Our character is tested every single day. Sometimes we conquer, sometimes we fail. Did you know that our failures as parents are powerful teachers? When I fail, it gives me an opportunity to humble myself before God and before my children,Continue reading “Sometimes We Fail”


Last month in our victory group, we discussed about offense and forgiveness. Since it’s holy week, I thought it apt to share some of the things we talked about. FORGIVENESS IS FOR YOU. When you forgive, it does not release the offending person, but it releases you. When you let go of the offense, youContinue reading “FORGIVE?”

Danae Learns Responsibility

One afternoon two weeks ago, Danae told me that they made something in school that involved cutting. The first time she shared her story, she just said that they made something. By evening, before going to bed, she told me that somebody cut her hair after making the craft. Curious, I asked her who itContinue reading “Danae Learns Responsibility”