The Talented Mr. Cobonpue

Talented is an understatement! Kenneth Cobonpue is a true Filipino artist. In my humble opinion, that is.

I first knew of him from one of the episodes of Project Runway Philippines. I was impressed by his work and his client list, which included Hollywood stars. His name being unique too, I never forgot him. But I totally forgot that he is from Cebu until my cousin Dencee told me that she had inquired if we could visit his factory. I was so excited to see his creations!!!!

She was told that it was by appointment, but I assumed that they would allow visits to the showroom. So we still tried. The showroom manager was kind enough to accommodate us when we showed up, though she did tell us that it is by appointment only and later on she told us that she was surprised that the guard even let our van in. Thank God our risk paid off!

All I can tell you is that if I didn’t feel like we intruded and if I had the time, I could stay there all afternoon just to take it all in and take tighter shots of each beautiful detail of his work. I’m not into trends, but I do know how to appreciate beautiful things. I was impressed that he doesn’t just create unique Filipino furniture, he also co-creates light fixtures and accessories. Plus, just recently he designed the medal for IronMan Philippines! His God-given mind for creativity and innovation just amazes me. Do enjoy the pictures! Just click and view! 🙂


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I am a person who rarely watches local films, probably because I’m not really interested in the stories they present or I did not grow up appreciating Filipino movies, except for Maricel Soriano comedies of course. There are very few movies I am intrigued by and I don’t go out of my way to watch them in the theaters. I watched the hilarious Here Comes the Bride to support Ayen Laurel last year, The First Time a few years back because I liked KC Concepcion, and the Metro Manila Film Fest entry Enteng Kabisote, which I totally enjoyed, before we had kids. Those were the last three I saw in the theater. And then this — RPG: Metanoia.

Honestly, I would not have given it a second thought if I did not want to support our friends. Carlo Santos is the artist who drew the movie’s story boards, and he is our Kids Church pastor in Victory Alabang. He worked on it (5 years in the making) before he decided to become a pastor last year.

Danae has a classmate named Sam and her dad, Alexander Matias, is part of the movie’s modeling team. Sharry, Sam’s mom has become a friend since our daughters have been classmates since nursery, and they actually gave us tickets so Danae and Noelle could watch it.

Before we were given tickets, we were apprehensive to bring Danae with us to see it. We were concerned that she may not enjoy it because she wouldn’t understand most of it. Our hectic schedule did not permit us to watch it the whole Christmas season, even after New Year. But when Sharry gave us tickets, she told me that Sam enjoyed the movie. Plus of course we wanted the girls to use what was given specifically to them, so we finally went and saw it.

It was awesome! I was so amazed that my 5-year old Danae and my 2-year old Noelle sat and watched the whole film. They really enjoyed it! Even though they didn’t understand what were being said, they were engrossed in all the action, and how the kids interacted with each other. And I just loved the story! It was heartwarming and packed with lessons of friendship, family, love, heroism.

One of my favorites is the main character Nico’s relationship with his friends. They had each other’s backs, and even when they would fight among themselves, they still forgave and loved each other. They reminded me of my childhood. I grew up with a group of friends who are still my “peers” to this day. Another favorite is Nico’s relationship with his dad. Despite the distance, they had a strong bond, and his dad was always there for him.

The story, for me, really showed how much more important relationships are, than video games and the like. I don’t like how easily my kids can get hooked on iPad/tablet/phone games. I would much rather have them play with us, each other or with their friends. Another important message that the movie gave was that power in the wrong hands is dangerous and destructive. That’s why Nico had to get rid of the God-mode mask. He rejected it even when it was “being offered” to him. Nobody is capable of being God except God.

I loved the fact that they honored the classic Filipino games that I used to play when I was a kid. I’m inspired to teach them to my kids. I loved the setting of the video game in the story too — it looked like Vigan. Even the dialogues were really witty and funny. It was just all very Filipino. It had a lot of heart. It really makes me so proud! I’m proud of my friends for being part of such a great film, and I am proud of us Filipinos! We are truly a talented and creative people. Mabuhay ang Pilipino! Astiiiiiig!!!! 🙂