Happy Father’s Birthday

It was my late dad’s birthday last Friday (the 13th). Our dinner plans to celebrate it with the family could not push through yet, but I wanted to celebrate it with King and the girls. I was first thinking of introducing my dad’s favorite food to Danae and Noelle, but then I remembered that heContinue reading “Happy Father’s Birthday”

The Best Husband Is A Good Father

King and I teach one of the sessions, His Needs Her Needs (based on a book by Willard F. Harley Jr.), of our church’s marriage preparation seminar called I Do. One of the needs of a woman is for her husband to be committed to the family (family commitment). We tell our participants that theContinue reading “The Best Husband Is A Good Father”

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Everybody knows what a great father King is to our girls. They wouldn’t be as secure and confident as they are without the love, time, attention, protection, encouragement, wisdom, and prayers of their dad. That’s how King was too as he fathered the Alabang youth for the past 4 years. You see, being a youthContinue reading “Happy Fathers’ Day!”