Freedom, Joy and the Simple Pleasures of Life!

Oh freedom! Yesterday, except for previous doctor’s visits, was the first real day out we had as a family, ever since we all started getting sick. That’s roughly about a month! We went to the doctor in the morning for a follow-up. Noelle’s lungs are clear of the wheezing. Danae, however, still needs to continueContinue reading “Freedom, Joy and the Simple Pleasures of Life!”

good news and bad news

Danae has had fever since Sunday last week. Thinking it was just a common virus, we treated the fever and we were somewhat confident it would be gone by the 3rd day. To make the long story short, she was diagnosed by a pediatrician with acute bronchitis on the 4th day. But because she hadContinue reading “good news and bad news”

Teaching My Kid Some Tact

Last night, Danae approached me and whispered in my ear. Danae: Mom, does ****** take a bath? Me: I don’t know…..yes. Why? Danae: Because when I smell him, he’s stinky. Hahahaha. Thank God she didn’t just blurt it out. The person was right there when she asked me. Remembered and found an old blog fromContinue reading “Teaching My Kid Some Tact”

Danae’s Read-A-Thon

Danae’s school recently concluded their book month, wherein they, aside from other activities, promoted the Read-A-Thon in all levels. As the kids read books at home, the parents or guardians were asked to time them and record the title of book, time started, time ended and date on a sheet of paper. The teachers scheduledContinue reading “Danae’s Read-A-Thon”


It’s been five days since we entered the emergency room of Asian Hospital for King’s terrible back pain, and five nights since he got admitted. Needless to say, in true Lucero fashion, our hospital room was home for us and the girls. Danae and Noelle are such troopers that it wasn’t a problem. Besides, weContinue reading “WE MISS OUR KIDS!”

Danae got me!

We were reviewing for Danae’s first achievement test last week and came across examples of polite expressions in her English book. The exercise was for her to choose the proper response for a specific situation. Things like how to respond when someone thanks you. Should you say “Whatever!” or “You’re welcome!”? The most interesting scenarioContinue reading “Danae got me!”

Danae Learns Responsibility

One afternoon two weeks ago, Danae told me that they made something in school that involved cutting. The first time she shared her story, she just said that they made something. By evening, before going to bed, she told me that somebody cut her hair after making the craft. Curious, I asked her who itContinue reading “Danae Learns Responsibility”

Funny Noelle

When I started blogging (, I would share the funny things that Danae would say. When Noelle came, I eventually started using Facebook and then Twitter, wherein I’ve posted many funny dialogues with my girls.  Here’s a sample of 2-year-old Noelle’s latest quips. Last week, at Bonifacio High Street, while running around… “Ready, get set,Continue reading “Funny Noelle”


Summer 2011 has been one fruitful season! Noelle learned shapes, letter sounds, counting, songs, and keeping her hair clip on for more than 5 minutes (haha) through her summer workshop. She learned to recognize authority and interact with her teachers. Even though at first she was not confident enough to stay in class by herself,Continue reading “SUMMER 2011”

Ten Times Better Already

We named Danae after Daniel of the Bible. He’s one of our favorite people, along with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They had great faith and courage, and were ten times better than their counterparts. But before I continue, this blog is in NO WAY AIMED TO MAKE YOU COMPARE YOUR KIDS or other kids toContinue reading “Ten Times Better Already”