Happy 4th Birthday Noelle!

Noelle's candle blowing in Pasig. January 4, 2012.
Noelle’s candle blowing in Pasig. January 4, 2012.

Noelle turned 4 today. We had a candle blowing thing with her cousins on King’s side last Friday. My (King’s)

Big Guy's Pizza (12 flavors)!
Big Guy’s Pizza (12 flavors)!

sister-in-law came with her yummy Moosh lemon cupcakes, and we ordered a huge pizza from Big Guy. The girls slept the night there.

We rescheduled her candle blowing in church to next Saturday, and just went to Fun Ranch with their cousin on my side tonight. On our way there, King asked the girls a question.

King: Who’s happy?
Both girls: Me!
King: Why are you happy?
Danae: Because I have my toy and we’re going to Fun Ranch!

Noelle and Gabby in Fun Ranch! Jan 6, 2012. :)
Our two January celebrants in Fun Ranch! Jan 6, 2012. 🙂

King: How about you Noelle…why are you happy?

Danae, Noelle, and Gabby!
Danae, Noelle, and Gabby!

Noelle: Because it’s my birthday!

How incredibly refreshing to hear her say she was happy just because it was her birthday! Not because of a cake, a party, a trip, a friend, a gift, or anything new. The mere fact that she turns or turned four today is enough to make her giddy all week.

GRATEFULNESS. CONTENTMENT. JOY. Values we can all learn from my now four-year-old Noelle.

Happy 4th birthday Noelle! We love you! 🙂