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Learning Modesty

We don’t have many magazines at home, but I did purchase one where my friend and her home got featured, and the one where my name was “published.” Danae was looking through the latter last week, but I took it back to check first if there were any articles or pictures not meant for children. Being a parenting magazine, it was pretty safe.

A while later, Danae commented on a picture of a woman in her underwear….

Danae: Eeeew, why is she like that?

Me: (looking at the ad) Oh because they’re advertising lotion. They’re showing that it makes your skin nice and smooth.

Danae: Even then. She shouldn’t be naked.

Me: Yeah, I agree with you Nae. You’re so right.

Last Sunday, Noelle was wearing a dress and thigh-high striped socks. When we got off the car, she was fussing over her dress. She felt that her dress was too short, despite my assurances that it wasn’t.

Noelle: People can see my butt.

Me: No, love. Okay, lemme fix it. (I think she was just feeling weird about the inner skirt, which I tied up so it wouldn’t show)

Noelle: (screams while giggling, holds her skirt down) There are boys! I don’t want anyone to see.

After I fixed it, she was still self-conscious, protecting herself from being compromised.

I thank God our girls are learning modesty as early as now. They’re learning what is acceptable and unacceptable, what is wise and what is not, what is pleasing to the Lord and what is not, not only with regards to what they themselves wear and do, but also what they allow themselves to see. We know that we cannot protect our children from all that is in the world, but we can build strong Christian foundations so they can make wise, God-honoring decisions on their own.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

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A few months back, Danae complained about having to get her own water and having to get us glasses for the table. She even smartly told us that we were big enough to get our own water, that she’s a child and we should get water for her. The other day, she wished that they had a nanny so they didn’t have to clean up after they played.

Most days, Danae is willing to help. She’s always been a natural helper. Sometimes, she whines first before helping. And on very few occasions, she would complain and go as far as saying she doesn’t want to help anymore.

I grew up with a nanny, who did everything for me that it was such a chore to even get my own water. I literally learned to get my own water when I was already in high school, and begrudgingly so. Cleaning up after playing was not a priority in my life and I was never really pushed enough to make it a habit.

Managing a home is tough, and more so in my case because I had to learn everything when I was already older. I never cleaned a bathroom until I was married. I never cleaned a house until I was married. I was never burdened with the responsibility to cook our meals until I was married. All these things don’t come naturally to me, therefore each chore IS a chore. I’ve definitely improved, but i still need to develop the proper habits.

I believe that training our kids now, even with simpler tasks, will help them in the future. I always tell the girls that even if they had a nanny, they would still be cleaning up their toys themselves. We don’t want them to be too dependent on nannies or helpers like I was, or take the help for granted like I did. We want them to develop a sense of appreciation, of responsibility and of ownership for their things, their room, their home. We also want them to learn the joy of serving others.

We have a long way to go, but we believe that we will reap what we sow.

In the meantime, we will continue sowing into the lives of our children. 🙂