My Kids

Funny Noelle

When I started blogging (, I would share the funny things that Danae would say. When Noelle came, I eventually started using Facebook and then Twitter, wherein I’ve posted many funny dialogues with my girls.  Here’s a sample of 2-year-old Noelle’s latest quips.

Last week, at Bonifacio High Street, while running around…

“Ready, get set, go!”

While running, “I’m Dash!” (The Incredibles)

While running another lap, “I mean…I’m…I’m…I’m….”

She stops. “What’s my name again?”

We all broke into laughter! 🙂

The other day, at the dining table…

Noelle: “Mom, can I watch?”

Me: “No TV before Ate (big sis) goes to school.”

Noelle: “Ok.”

She runs to their box of shoes… “Here Ate, wear your shoes.”

Hahaha. We were just having breakfast then. Danae’s class starts at 12:30 daily.

Still at the dining table…

My mom: (holding a teddy bear) “Who’s this bear, Noelle? Is it a Miss or a Mister?”

Noelle: “Mister.”

Mom: “Ok, what’s Mr. Bear’s first name? Is it Pooh Bear?”

Noelle: “Nope. Bear Poo.”

That just didn’t sound right. Hahaha. 🙂