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Noelle Speaks

When we got home from the hospital, Noelle surprised her sister (and us) with a video. She doesn’t want the video shared, but she gave me permission to share what she said in written form. 🙂

I am really inspired by my sister that she really is… Even though she doesn’t hug me and she doesn’t even kiss me, I still love her. She’s part of my heart. Well, I want her to hear this because I love her so much (about to cry so she stopped the video).

Ate, you are a loving, kind sister. Whenever someone hurts you, I defend you. And even though you don’t defend me, you’re still here (puts her hand on her chest). You’re still my big sis. I pray that you were well when you had your surgery. I’m sorry for all the things that I have done to you, for all the bad things I’ve done to you. Um, if you’re listening, I want to say this. You..are…my….you are a part of my heart. I love you so much ate. Please forgive me for all bad things I’ve done to you and I pray for you that you were okay when you did your surgery, and….. thank you for being my big sister and for always caring for me. And like that time when you were going to (sniff) share the candy with me…. I was like, no it’s fine but you still gave me (sniff, holding back tears). I think you don’t remember this because it was a long long time ago. Sigh. I wanna say this again, you are part of my heart. You are my big sis. I love you and…. makes a heart shape with her hands.  Blows a kiss….I love you. Hugs and kisses by me (flips hair)! I relly really really want to show you that I love you even though I make mistakes and I hit you, I’m sorry. Well I hope it’s not too late to say sorry…….

And I wanna keep on saying this again and again. I love you, you’re a part of my heart. And whenever you you get hurt by someone, I’m like, just come with me. And whenever she cries, I cry. You also inspire me to do like good things, and also you…. when I say to you ate “does this look nice?” and then you’re like you have to change. That’s fine….. because you know, you’re older than me. Whenever you say you’re the boss of me, I don’t like it. But you are older than me, so I don’t consider you as a boss. I consider you as a big sister. I love you. Blows a kiss.

What a sweetheart, my Noelle. She has always had a soft spot for her sisters. God bless her heart. And we continue to pray that she, Danae, and Gianna will have an extraordinary bond as sisters. ❤

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Family, My Kids

Mommy Writes

Mommy’s turn!

The first time I encountered “it” was when Danae was around 2 years old. She wasn’t in any pain. She was actually just singing her heart out in the shower. I immediately called my aunt, who is a pediatrician, and she confirmed my fears. “It” was a hernia. I instantaneously cried over the phone, knowing that surgery was the only way to fix it. I did not want my baby to have to go through something like that.

But because it never gave her any problems — no pain, no changes in her bodily functions — and because I guess we were foolishly hoping it would resolve on its own, it took us 8 years to finally consult a pedia surgeon. The birth defect (not an injury) needed to be closed so that she could safely do gymnastics and other activities. Though it was not an emergency situation, we wanted it done a.s.a.p.

They humored her request! We joked that we are in the business of making dreams come true. She said, yay! Tomorrow, another dream is coming true. My surgery will be done! 🙂


I believe in the Lord’s timing, and I believe that though it seems late, Danae’s surgery was done at the right time. She’s more mature now, and she understands why it was necessary. She has always been brave, but God supplied her with so much courage and grace to endure this. I had to put a brave face on for her the whole time because I am not brave! With so many thoughts entering my head and fears threatening to disable me, I enlisted our family and a lot of friends to pray for and with us. That, and the peace of God that transcends understanding, certainly kept me standing.

There was no question that I would be the one staying with Danae in the hospital, and King would be shuttling back and forth to hospital and home. I’m so thankful that when it comes to family matters like this, it’s never hard for King to ask for a leave. It became a time of bonding for me and Danae. She got to have mommy (and daddy at certain hours) all to herself. I was happy to serve and help her. The two younger ones were safe at home with my mom during the day and with King in the evening.

When it was time to have her IV inserted, she was afraid. My outgoing, brave, confident, independent young lady became a timid, nervous, needy baby who wanted mommy to hug and hold her as they put the needle in. She cried in pain. She cried also through the pesky skin test. I wanted to cry too haha, but I was the adult. I needed to be strong for her. I just kept comforting her, encouraging her. It was late, but when she asked for TV, I obliged. As my mom advised, I helped keep her spirits up.

In the morning, while waiting, the anesthesiologist came in. All this time (I even signed papers to consent to it), we thought she would be given General Anesthesia. They could, but because of the asthma factor, it was more risky having a tube in her throat. Apparently that’s how GA is administered. They put you to sleep and then insert a tube in your throat for the gas to go through. When the anesthesiologist suggested spinal anesthesia, since she is physically big enough for it (he said that she’s big for her age — he should see a lot of her taller friends haha), I was not able to hide my apprehension. That was the same anesthesia I received, giving birth to Gianna. Could my Danae handle that? But the doctor assured us that they would do what we were most comfortable with. Thank God we had time to decide. Thank God King was there. I would never want to make major decisions like that on my own. We agreed that spinal anesthesia was safest for Danae.

About to be wheeled down to the surgery unit. Nervous but still smiling. 🙂


As she was being wheeled from her room to the surgery unit, she kept calling me, making sure I was right with her. She wanted me to be the one in the waiting area with her, and in the recovery room afterwards. I asked the anesthesiologist if he could sedate her while still in the waiting area, and he was kind enough to do it. He understood that Danae was nervous about being wheeled into the OR without me. He even agreed with me in prayer when I prayed for Danae while he was putting the sedative in her IV.

About an hour and a half later, surgery was done. I was right outside the door when they called for Lucero. The surgeon met me inside, told me that it took longer than expected because her hernia was so small. She said that small hernias are more dangerous because intestines are more likely to get trapped. God’s grace right there! Nothing of the sort happened to Danae all these years! The surgeon was happy also to say that Danae didn’t even flinch when the spinal anesthesia was given to her. She did great!

When I saw Danae, however, I saw her eyes closed but wet with tears. She kept talking but tears kept running down her cheek. I knew she wasn’t in pain, but I guess she was feeling overwhelmed. She couldn’t stop her tears from falling. I encouraged her to sleep, but she didn’t want to in the first hour. She needed to lay flat on her back for 6 hours. We also needed to wait for the anesthesia to wear off. She was hungry, but she eventually slept. She kept repeating that she was hungry when she would wake up. I would fall in and out of sleep too. At times I’d read. I’d pray for the others who were there in the recovery room. 6 hours is a looooong time to wait on a monobloc chair. But I thank God that because Danae’s a child, she was allowed company.


My facebook post 🙂


Back in her room, she said she was happy that the surgery is over. Whew, me too!!!! We thanked God for everything. None of it would have been possible without Him. I was happy that the operation was a success, that her vitals were stable the entire time, that there are no complications, and that SHE’S ALIVE. Today, she is recovering very well. Praise God. 🙂

Through the 3 short days, my daughter learned to be more grateful. She thanked me each time I helped her ❤ ❤ ❤ . I don’t think I’ve ever received so many sincere thank yous that are not because of something material. On the way home, during a moment of quiet inside the car, she said “Thank You Lord.” That was probably the most sincere and meaningful prayer of thanks I ever heard her say. Indeed, our whole family thanks You, Lord. ❤

IMG_7522 copy

First steps at home, with Wowa’s walker. 🙂


Thank you so much, family and friends, for standing with us in prayer. Thank you for checking on us as well. God bless each of you.

Click here and here for Danae’s take on her experience. 🙂

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.
    Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you.
    I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!
His faithful love endures forever. PSalm 136:1

But I will restore you to health

and heal your wounds,’

declares the Lord, Jeremiah 30:17a

My Kids

Move on up!

So this school year was Noelle’s first time to complete a year in regular school. A few years back, she started out Nursery quite well in the pre-school that Danae attended, but after Christmas break, she did not want to go back anymore. She had some trauma from a little boy who found her cute (go figure, haha). I knew she was serious because during their Christmas party, she cried instantly when she saw the boy. She cried so much that she refused to join her class presentation. I guess it stuck to her. She was surprised that break was over and that school was back on. So instead of forcing her, I let her stay home, since we were homeschooling Danae then.

We homeschooled Danae from 1st to 3rd grade, to regroup, and strengthen or rebuild her foundations. We agreed to put Danae in regular school last year after much prayer and deliberation. She was raring to go to Studio 360 (now The Sycamore). We knew we were placing her in a quality, non-traditional, small, Christian school. We knew that character is also the school’s priority, not just academics. We knew she would have good friends and teachers around her. We felt secure partnering with the school in educating her. And most importantly, we were convinced that it was/is best for her. Danae learned and grew so much in school. And she loved it so much that it was no surprise that Noelle followed suit.

The girls recently had their moving up day. We bought new dresses, shoes, and masks (thank you Huang family) because the theme was a masquerade ball. We had their hair done. They put their own makeup (amazing). We knew they were going to have song and dance presentations, most of which I did not get to see as I had to run after and entertain Gianna. What we didn’t expect was Noelle’s numerous awards!

We don’t put pressure on our kids to have awards (but of course now, they’re both more motivated to get them). We do urge them to do their best, and we always remind them that good grades are good but their character is still most important. Their classes are also so small (just 3 kids in her level), we really didn’t think about awards. But how proud were we learning Noelle got the awards for having the highest grades in English, Math, History and Geography, and Science! I mean we were aware that her grades were really high but we didnt expect hers to be the highest. Not a surprise that she didn’t get the Filipino one haha, though her grades are still up there. She also got a character award for creativity in the performing arts, and I guess the highest award called the Sycamore award!

Noelle was so happy!!!! I got a little teary as they enumerated her academic awards haha, when the 2nd graders were acknowledged and awarded. Danae cried when Noelle was later on awarded the Sycamore award. Gianna was just happy to finally get on that stage when we went up for picture taking hahaha (she already disrupted the awarding of one secondary student!). King was beaming. Noelle made us all so proud!

We are behind you, Noelle! 🙂


This girl…. Sometimes she appears as if she’s not listening. Sometimes she forgets, or deliberately fails to tell us that she has homework despite my nagging. But when we review for exams, she knows her stuff. Very seldom does she ask me for help with homework (this is their training in the Sycamore). She constantly tells me things I do not know. Her teachers always give us good reports about her. The awards were a wonderful surprise. How encouraging to know also that we made a good decision putting her in her school.

I did ask her, after all the excitement, if she thanked Jesus for all her awards. She shook her head. It was a good opportunity to remind her that though she is awesome, none of it would be possible without Jesus. 🙂


For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:3

For apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5b







My Kids

Danae Writes (2)

Surgery Day! – Day 2

This was surgery day. I wasn’t that scared to get my surgery. I was just calm and normal. My schedule was at 9 or 10 am. But I ended up getting it at 12pm, because a man had hernia too. One doctor said that while getting his surgery, they saw something in his hernia that they didn’t expect to see. That was about 9 in the morning. I couldn’t eat, because they don’t want me to throw up after my surgery. While my mom was eating my breakfast I stared at her. I was so hungry!! A while later a boy nurse, ( EEWW!! ) came into the room and said it’s time na ( But in tagalog ). He pushed my rolling bed to the waiting room. When the anesthesiologist came, he said that he had to insert the sedative in my IV already. He said it would hurt a bit and feel hot, and it did. As I said bye to my mom I was already dizzy. I heard nurses say we’ll put this and that, but I couldn’t see them. While I was getting my surgery I had weird dreams. I dreamt of colorful things  and weird animals going through colorful walls. I kinda woke up during the operation, I knew I was awake but couldn’t see. I felt pushing, pulling, and pain in my body, and I think every 5 minutes a machine pumped the BP thing on my arm. I tried opening my eyes while I was sleepy, and all I saw was a big green curtain on my neck, in front of me. But it was hard since the anesthesia was still strong. And I think I heard my anesthesiologist say “Good job, Danae.”  

After the operation I saw my mom and told her all my weird dreams. She told me I was very talkative. I couldn’t lift my legs and I was very hungry. I couldn’t eat for 22 hours!! I cried because some doctors still had to see me and it was already 6 or 7 pm that time. My mom got annoyed a little bit, but she reminded me that it was ok and we would be out in no time. When they brought me to my room, I felt pain. I think it was because there were humps going to my room. AND AT LAST I COULD EAT!! I ate the soup from the hospital and cup noodle soup ( but not the noodles ). A doctor came again to check on me and said that I could eat anything I wanted. Again nurses came in when I was asleep.

Time to go Home!! – Day 3 

At last!! Time to get out of the hospital!! I could finally sit, stand, walk a little. I felt very happy and scared at the same time, but I learned a lot while I was in the hospital. I learned that God is always with you and I learned patience. I learned that because sometimes there are delays and sometimes I feel scared. I am very thankful that my surgery is done! I wanted to walk normally but I knew I couldn’t. I’ll be patient. I’ll wait. I’m excited that I’ll be able to do gymnastics and add to my talents.

On our way home we got some Starbucks.

Hahaha. Disclaimer: I tried to be discreet about eating! I was soooo hungry. She was hungry, too. Worse, breakfast was bacon and egg! I thought I was hiding it well, till she asked me what was for breakfast. But she was mentally and emotionally prepared. I already prepped her the day before, told her that she needed to power through the hunger because they really will not allow her to eat even if she cries. She knew that it was for her own good. 🙂


But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

My Kids

Danae Writes (1)

Staying in the Hospital – Day 1

Today I am staying in the hospital. I will be getting my surgery tomorrow. Being in a hospital is quite boring and annoying because I hear a lot of knocks, and different doctors and nurses always go in my room to ask the same questions over and over again. I’m quite scared for the needle they’ll put in me. I haven’t been confined in a long time. It is also a little fun because I get to watch movies and get to do some writing. You know what??!! They don’t allow many things you need in a hospital!! I was shocked when they didn’t allow any extra pillows!! About 3 minutes ago, 2 nurses came. 1 checked my BP and the other set up the nebulizer, and then I nebulized. Tonight (or morning) at 12 am they will insert the needle in me and that’s when I can’t eat anymore. My mom ordered Jollibee for both of us, so that I won’t wake up hungry. I have so many questions to ask!! Like how will I take a bath with the needle in me, what will I feel, or what can I do?? Now I am just missing my BFFFLs Ana, Andrea, Jordyn, Rae Rae, and my Grade 5 girls. I will always remember this verse when I’m scared: 

1 Corinthians 10:31

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.


I just noticed Danae intermittently typing on my laptop. When I learned she was writing about her hospital stay, I encouraged her to finish so that I could post it here. She was asking me months back if she could blog, or be featured in my blog. When she finished, I asked her why she used this verse. She said that it’s because she knows it will hurt, but she’ll do it anyway for the glory of God. That was our memory verse for victory group a few weeks ago. 🙂

My Kids, Parenting

On Stage Again

One of my daughters has been interested in acting ever since she was little, but we didn’t have the chance or time to commit to any workshops. When Homeschool@Alabang opened in June last year, offering a Musical Theater class that fit into our girls’ regular school schedule, we enrolled both girls since my other daughter expressed interest as well. My friend May of FullyHousewifed encouraged me that the class is good, especially with Ms. Anamarie Quirino teaching it.

It was extra work and extra expense for us, but we went for it. There were times that they both didn’t want to attend the class because they were tired, times they had to skip it because of sickness or exams, times they wanted to quit. But we are all so glad that we PUSHED ourselves to finish what we started, to honor our COMMITMENT. I would have also easily agreed to them giving it up, but King reminded us that he had already paid for the entire year’s fees. What a waste of time, energy, resources, and OPPORTUNITY it would have been if we just quit, when we’d already invested 6 months of our lives and their show was only a few months away.


The play was entitled Happily Forever After (A Musical Play About the Kingdom of God), held at Maybank Performing Arts Theater in the BGC Arts Center.



The result was wonderful! Danae’s call time was 10am because she was part of the Shadow Play team. They had a part in Homeschool@Valle Verde’s show at 1:30pm. King brought her since King had work in the area, and my friends (moms of the other girls) took charge of her while I couldn’t be there with her. Noelle’s call time was at 3pm, along with everyone else. King came back for us at home and we all went in time for Noelle’s call time. With all the time and work they put in that day, I did not hear a single complaint!!! They both enjoyed themselves so much. They loved it! I think being in a real theater with real dressing rooms added to the excitement. When they heard “company call!” they bolted out of the dressing room while I was in the middle of braiding Noelle’s hair! They were so busy and excited about their rehearsals, makeup, costumes, and about delivering an EXCELLENT performance. Not to mention the FRIENDSHIPS they built with new people, and the MEMORIES they created with their oldest friends. This was one for the books!

dressing room_o

inside the dressing room, after the show 🙂


We are so proud of all the kids! They were all adorable. Kids with talent, who gave their BEST, whether their part was big or small. Kids who WORKED TOGETHER and displayed so much COURAGE! We’re grateful our girls got to be a part of it. The best bit — they got to SHARE THE GOSPEL through their play!

Our girls truly surprised and impressed me. I could never do what they did with much comfort, except maybe the dancing part. They didn’t have speaking lines, but their facial expressions, their acting chops, and their confidence??? They may look like me, but they’ve got their dad’s performing genes. For sure. And Gianna? She mentioned a couple of times that she wanted to go down and dance as well. Her words seeing Noelle right after the play — “Noelle, I like your make up!” She’s two, and I don’t think she has a problem being on stage either. 🙂


the opening scene — our trumpeteers Danae, Ana and Cassie!
Danae in red and white (rightmost, upstage), and Noelle in purple (rightmost part of the image)



The shadow play – Danae handled the head of the dragon. This was a beautiful depiction of Jesus’ death and His victory over death.
The girls of the shadow play crew 🙂 Thanks for the photo, tita Trickee 🙂
Danae and Noelle in sync! at least in this shot 🙂 Thanks tita Michelle 🙂
With their talented director, Anamarie Quirino 🙂
family at play_o
Wowo, Wowas and ate Ella came to support! Wish Wowo Vic were alive to see this. Thank you, family! 🙂


If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. Luke 16:10a

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3

My Kids

Crowded House

16996417_1579581138723242_7172769815017688550_nOur older girls’ school, The Sycamore, held their very first Music and Arts Festival last week. It was entitled Crowded House. Featured were their art work, which were mostly paintings, and each grade level’s presentation. They said it was first a small idea that blossomed into a full production. I love how the school and their teachers encourage and cultivate the kids’ creativity, while teaching them important life skills.

It was held in Victory Alabang, and so it was not my kids’ first time to be on that stage. Danae and Noelle have danced there at least a couple of times before as part of the VBC praise dance team and for special numbers in church events, but what they did last week was a first for both of them. Though Danae has sung with a group of other kids there a few summers ago, and she sang Sunday Morning with her class last week, it was her first time to be a co-host. She actually surprised me when she told me that she volunteered to do it! She co-hosted with Sophia, her classmate, and Carlos, a 10th grader. Noelle, on the other hand, sang Moana’s How Far I’ll Go with her class and the 3rd grade class. They were only 7 (part of why we love The Sycamore is the student to teacher ratio), and each had a solo!

the 5th graders with Sunday Morning 🙂

I am so proud of all the kids. The Festival showcased the talents of many young artists. The opening prayer that was done in interpretative dance, the song numbers, the poems, the original music, and the play. Not to mention all the preparation that went to making it all happen successfully — planning, props, logistics, script among other things. I think it’s safe to say everyone was blown away by the excellence of the 9th graders’ play, Touch Me Not. It was an adaptation of Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. It was apparently their project for English and Filipino. The acting was so believable, while none of them had any theater background. My mom said they were all so good that they could probably put up a small theater company! The whole event was a success, and I am sure every parent was happy.

the 9th graders’ Touch Me Not 🙂

I am most proud, of course, of my girls. Yes, they performed well, but more than that, they showed so much courage! I don’t think I was ever as brave or as confident as they are. I am no singer and you would never catch me singing in front of a crowd using my own microphone haha. Noelle did, with feelings and without any hint of shyness! I would probably be squirming and not smiling at all if that were me (yes, even now at my age haha). I am not a host either, but with a simple script I might be able to pull it off. However, I would never volunteer myself to do it hahaha. Danae was comfortable on stage and she spoke very well. Not only that. They enjoyed it! King’s genes at work, methinks. Definitely ten times better than their mother. Thank you Lord!

the hosts Danae, Sophia, and Carlos 🙂

They both constantly practiced at home. They were determined to deliver a good performance, so we endured a loooooot of singing and monologuing the past few weeks…well, okay, that’s not entirely accurate. We have girls, so it’s been this way ever since haha. Just more so recently.

the 2nd and 3rd graders with How Far I’ll Go 🙂

Some things we reminded them about….Commitment. We commit, we work our best, and we see it through to the end. Prayer. We can’t do it without Jesus. Nervousness. It keeps us on our toes, to rely not in our own ability, but on the grace of God. Worship. Everything we do for His glory and not our own is worship unto Him.

Congratulations Sycamore teachers and students! Congratulations Danae and Noelle! You make us proud. You make us grateful. May the Lord continue to direct you, mold you, and keep you in awe of His love and goodness. May you always seek to honor God in all you do. May you be good stewards of the talents and opportunities that God continually gifts you with!

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: 1 Peter 4:10

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Funny Fridays, My Kids

Gianna is 2!

Gianna is such a character! If you stick around long enough and observe her, you’ll see. The looks she gives, her cheeky smile, her dance moves, her words, singing and her actions. She turned 2 today. Sigh. Time flies so fast. Because she’s the last baby, I wish she’d never grow up. Everybody tells me that’s impossible, so I guess I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts. Hehehe. 🙂

Here are some of her funny moments.

> When Gianna was younger, King taught her that daddy is the boss.

King: Daddy’s the boss. (Points at himself)

King: Who’s the boss, Gianna?

Gianna: Copying her dad, she points at herself.


> One time I was so exasperated that I let out a big sigh.

Me: Oh my gosh!!!!

Gianna: (in a low, mocking voice) Don’t say thaaaat.

Hahaha. I tell her to stop saying oh my gosh and she caught me saying it. Story of my life!


> Two weeks ago, Gianna and I stayed (or tried to stay) at the back of the main hall to listen King preach.

Friend: Where’s daddy? (She was trying to get Gianna to point to King).

Me: Where’s daddy?

Gianna: Ofes (office).

Hahaha. One time she saw a picture of King preaching, she said “sing.” Guess King looked like he was singing.

> Last week, we were held up at a toll booth because of our RFID.

Gianna to the toll girl: Mess? (Miss) Odu fies. (Order fries)

Hahaha. She must’ve thought it was a drivethru! She does recognize Fruitas where we buy “mago dus” and Starbucks where we buy Silk.


> Our girl does love to eat. A few months back, when we were reading one of her books, I pointed to a picture of a live chicken.

Me: What’s that?

Gianna: Chichen. Ahm (she opened her mouth and pretended to eat the chicken).


> When she bumps any part of her head, even if it’s a soft bump, she asks for “ice pack.”


> She likes to “bug wowa” and “bawow blablet” or “bawow phone.” Just this evening, during dinner, she wanted to borrow my mom’s phone.

Me: You ask wowa if you can borrow. Say wowa, borrow phone please.

Gianna: Wowaaaa….?

Me: Louder.

Gianna: Loudurrr….?


> After blowing her candles and eating all the little chocolate bits on her pancakes, she found her candles again and stuck them back onto the pancake.

Gianna: Turn on?

Haha, she wanted us to light up the candles so she could blow again.

And then when she didn’t eat her pancakes, her sisters and I ate them. She didn’t mind at all. But after a few moments…

Gianna: Heeeeey. Happened?!?! (What happened?)

Hahaha she was wondering where her pancakes went! She wanted to stick the candles back.


Happy birthday Gianna! Thank you for being you! You make us all giggle and laugh all the time. You amaze us with your smarts and captivate us with your personality. You make everyone who knows you just love you. That is a gift from the Lord. We love you so much baby! ❤️

Funny Fridays, My Kids

Food, glorious food!!!

Like Noelle when she was little, Gianna loves to eat. 

The other day, she and I were about to have lunch. She sat down and saw the food.

Gianna: Tota! (Torta – meat and potatoes dipped in egg and fried) Tota pees (torta please).

Me: Okay torta. (I put torta on her plate)

Gianna: Echap (Ketchup)?

Haha. She loves ketchup and apparently she knows what food goes with it! 

Last Sunday, as we were walking through Robinson’s to get to the parking area, Gianna saw a box of   cookies.

Gianna: Tooties (sometimes she says cookies) buy? Buy this. 

Me: No we’re not buyung cookies.

She let it go and walked. I was ahead of her and I heard her say cookies again. When I looked back, I saw her picking up a small pack of cookies. She brought it to the counter which she could barely reach, and said “Miss!” 

Hahaha. Good thing no one was at the counter.

She raises her arm at restaurants too and calls the “Miss” even though it’s a male waiter. The other day she said when she saw a picture of fries, “Oder dis (order this).”

Haha. Clever little girl. 🙂 

My Kids, Parenting

Undeserved 2

Last night, a discussion suddenly became an argument. The intention was to motivate and hopefully produce obedience, but the result unfortunately was the opposite.

Noelle: Mom, I’ll just give Ate (big sister) my prize.

Me: But love, do you think she deserves your prize?

Noelle: (with a smile on her face) Then grace mom. Grace.

Wow. The compassion of this one has always been extraordinary. Sometimes her loyalty is misplaced, but her compassion always reminds me of Jesus — willing to give grace, to be generous even after being pained and saddened.

That is something we parents must be willing to do for our children as well. We must love them through the pain. We must teach them through the disappointments. We must discipline them through the heartache, despite the difficulty. We must give whether or not they are capable of giving back, whether or not they are willing to give back. We must initiate even when they do not reciprocate. We must keep encouraging them even when they’ve already given up. We must keep hoping and praying even when we see little or no fruit. Our parenting must always be with wisdom and discernment and many times with godly counsel, and our love must always be without conditions. Lord, help us. ❤


Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

In all their affliction He was afflicted, And the angel of His presence saved them; In His love and in His mercy He redeemed them, And He lifted them and carried them all the days of old. Isaiah 63:9

Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd. Matthew 9:36