DC 2017

The Discipleship Conference 2017, entitled Engage, was a bunch of firsts for us. King was part of the team who handled the conference, so he had to be in MOA Arena a day ahead. That meant I needed my own ride going, which I don’t think I’ve done in terms of big church events, forContinue reading “DC 2017”

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

When the girls were still little, I dreaded the inevitable sex talk. Because we have girls, the responsibility to teach them is mine. My friends and mentors told me how important it is to educate our own kids about sex by age 9, so that they don’t get misinformed or get wrongly exposed to certainContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!”

Funny Gianna

I haven’t been able to update Funny Fridays, but here’s a bunch of them. Gianna cracks us up constantly. 🙂  1. Last night, she slapped King’s bottom and laughed. She said, “HIGH FIVE BUTT!” 2. Last Dec 1, we were at a baking goods store in Uptown Mall BGC. Gianna usually comments “so kyut” orContinue reading “Funny Gianna”

Gianna’s questions and answers

One time Gianna was trying to open something that she was having a hard time with. I forget what it was. I wasn’t really looking at her. She came to me and said, “How do dis?”   When she’s looking for someone or something, her sentence goes like, “Where’s Noelle’s es?” “Where’s mommy es?” “Where’sContinue reading “Gianna’s questions and answers”

Say what?

One time a week or so ago in the car…. Noelle: Mom, what does Sereni mean?  Serenitea (local milk tea store). I’m not sure if I was able to explain to her what serenity means because she amused me so much. 🙂  Last week, while I was getting her dressed… Gianna: Mickey cwack-ouse! Me: MickeyContinue reading “Say what?”

Gianna is 2!

Gianna is such a character! If you stick around long enough and observe her, you’ll see. The looks she gives, her cheeky smile, her dance moves, her words, singing and her actions. She turned 2 today. Sigh. Time flies so fast. Because she’s the last baby, I wish she’d never grow up. Everybody tells meContinue reading “Gianna is 2!”


One of my friends is pregnant and she recently taught Gianna that there’s a baby in her tummy. The other day, Gianna surprised me by rubbing my tummy and saying, “BABY…SIDE.” She meant baby inside. I thought that was funny-slash-scary since the factory is already closed precisely because I don’t want surprise pregnancies (although ifContinue reading “Baby!”

Food, glorious food!!!

Like Noelle when she was little, Gianna loves to eat.  The other day, she and I were about to have lunch. She sat down and saw the food. Gianna: Tota! (Torta – meat and potatoes dipped in egg and fried) Tota pees (torta please). Me: Okay torta. (I put torta on her plate) Gianna: EchapContinue reading “Food, glorious food!!!”