Empaths and Emotions

I recently watched the latest season of the series Manifest. One of the characters, Zeke, is an empath, and he learned that he could absorb the pain of other people. He worked with addicts and he helped them much. I wondered at first if part of his power was to consume the pain, the emotion,Continue reading “Empaths and Emotions”


On the first day of 2023, we were in Forest Park in Dahilayan, Bukidnon. Whenever our family is there, we never skip doing The Luge. I think the first time we ever got to try it in Dahilayan, none of our kids could drive on their own yet, but did so on our next visitsContinue reading “2023!”

The Gall!

So here I am again with another story of God’s faithfulness and abundant abundant grace. So the past few months, I was getting these painful stomach aches that radiated to my back. I have some knowledge of basic medical conditions and with some research, I already figured that it must be my gall bladder. IContinue reading “The Gall!”

A mother’s day poem

Handog namin ngayong araw na ito, Para sa aming nag-gagandahang mga ina, Ang pasasalamat at pagmamahal, Na sana’y inyong madama. 💙 Salamat po’t hindi nyo insip ang sarili, Hinayaan nyong mapagod at mahirapan, Dahil sa loob ng siyam na buwan, Kami’y nakitira sa inyong sinapupunan. 💙 Hindi kayo noon makatulog ng mabuti. Hindi masyado makakainContinue reading “A mother’s day poem”

21 Takeaways

2021 is about to end. Many lessons learned. Many lessons reinforced. Let’s see if we can actually come up with 21! 😂 1. Sometimes we just have to ride it out. Heal, rest, wait. Be patient with yourself. 2. Control is an illusion. Instead of trying to gain it, relinquish to the One who hasContinue reading “21 Takeaways”

Christmas Traditions!

Our family started building our Christmas traditions since our oldest girls were small. It was a great opportunity to share them in my friend’s website, simplenotsimple.com! Here’s the link! https://simplenotsimple.com/2021/12/02/happy-birthday-jesus-four-christmas-traditions-to-celebrate-the-true-celebrant/ Hope it helps those who want to start their traditions, or inspire you with ideas. And I hope it reminds us of why we celebrateContinue reading “Christmas Traditions!”

17 years!

It’s been 17 years since the day we said I do to each other. Let me see if I can share with you 17 things we’ve learned in our 17 years together. 1. Marriage is not the goal. It is just a tool. >Christ is still the goal.< 2. Listen first. We can respond correctlyContinue reading “17 years!”

Yoki’s Farm!

A few weeks ago, the girls had a scheduled free day, and our birthday girl mentioned she wanted to go to a zoo/farm. We remembered Yoki’s Farm, which we saw posts of from our friends. But because lockdowns and alert levels here keep changing, I honestly do not keep up anymore, I wasn’t sure ifContinue reading “Yoki’s Farm!”

So Here We are Again….

Here we are again, almost time for elections, online discussions getting heated. On the one hand, I appreciate the passion people have for our country. I learn from their posts. I believe they really have a place in this world, to challenge our minds and our points of view. Or actually reinforce what we alreadyContinue reading “So Here We are Again….”

My Thoughts on ODL

So it’s the second year of online distance learning. My kids miss their face to face classes, but I still think ODL is the best set up. And I don’t mean just for this season. Last year taught us a bunch of things. I heard my older daughters complain about school being different. About theContinue reading “My Thoughts on ODL”