Gianna stories

Gianna likes to join in on conversations she’s not part of. Sometimes, she calls my attention repeatedly so that she can tell me something totally off topic. Or deliver a monologue I can barely understand. Other times, she suddenly gives an answer. “No, it’s not!” “Me!” “What, daddy? What?” “Yeah!”

One of her favorite things to do is to get my playful reaction, “heeeey.” She tells me to say it when she suddenly switches the shower to faucet, or when she quickly sits on my chair when I get up to get something in the kitchen. She smiles or laughs each time. She also sometimes directs us to do certain things, saying “Can you wake up me?” “Can you find me?” “Can you where’s my baby?” “Can you close eyes and surprise?” “Can you dance?”


She says the cutest things.

“Can I play my toys?” “I need to take a bath because I need to play my toys!”

When Danae just had her operation, Gianna said “I have an owi too!” So cute how she knows how to use too and oso (also) appropriately.

When she’s excited, she says “I’m so essayted!” Or “osom! (awesome)” or “yesss! (but with lips pursed and mouth rounded)”

She likes to use the lazy boy as a slide — no not below, where we rest our legs, but from the top, where we lean. One time she slid down, looked at me, and said ” Dugen? (do it again)” I said okay, and she said her “yesss” with fists in the air like a strong pose.

One time maybe more than a month ago, she came to me kinda angry. She didn’t give me an answer when I asked why. She was just quiet, lying down beside me. After maybe 2 minutes, she said, “I’m not angry anymore, mommy. I’m happy!” Soooo cute.

Sometimes, she suddenly comes to my room and says things like “I’m going to eat, k?” or “I’ll be back, mommy, k?” or “I’m watching in wowa’s room, k?” So cute the way she says “K?’ with that adorable face.

So funny also when she comes to me, pouting, to tell on her sisters. Sometimes they are legitimate concerns, like “Mommy, she she she grab from me.” Other times, “Mommy, she she she kissed my cheek!”


I call Gianna Noelle’s disciple because everything Noelle does, she wants to do. It’s cute because they really have a unique bond as sisters (I call Noelle mommy bird and Gianna baby bird as well heehee). One time, Noelle volunteered to take a bath with Gianna.

Noelle: This must be your most fun bath, Gianna.

Me: You think so? Why?

Noelle: Because of me. I’m the fun.

So true. They have so much fun together, sometimes too much fun, haha. 🙂






Published by Phoebe Torres-Lucero

I am Phoebe Torres-Lucero, wife of a loving husband & my best friend, King, and mother to three wonderful, smart, active princesses who keep me on my toes. Phoebe means bright and radiant. Torres means towers. Lucero means light. Put together, my name speaks of a tower of bright, radiant light. And that is what I hope to be as I write and share my sari-sari stories with you. 😊

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