My Kids

Too much, too little, or completely off

My Mom is a techie, so she has a few gadgets. My girls borrow them every time she is here at home.

Noelle: Wowaaaa, can I borrow your Samson?

Samsung, actually. 🙂


It’s rainy season in the Philippines and there have been a number of typhoons and low pressure areas that have hit us. My girls know that too much rain or nonstop rain causes floods in some parts of the country.

Danae: It’s Baguio again. I hate Baguios.

Noelle: Me too. I hate Baguios.

Baguio (bag-yaw) is our summer capital, a city in Benguet. Bagyo (bug-yaw) is Filipino for typhoon. 🙂


When we went to Bohol, our driver/tour guide told us that he would bring us to the famous snake named Prony.

Noelle: Are we going to see the pyFon?

If other people have the P and F defect, Noelle has the F and TH defect. 🙂


We won a DVD copy of the wonderful Filipino-made animated film RPG, at a party a month or so ago. Even though it’s in Filipino (my girls speak and understand English better than they do our own language — don’t worry, we’re slowly fixing that), they copy many of their lines. One time….

Noelle: (yelling) Curray de saaaauuuuuce!!!

Me: What? (it sounded like one of the characters in RPG but I couldn’t remember which one yet)

Noelle: Curray de sauce.

Me: (dawning on me) oh, when Nico threw his yoyo? (his yoyo was his weapon)

Noelle: Yeah.

His move was called Hurricane Assault. Haha. 🙂


My girls love to sing. Noelle doesn’t care about the lyrics much, while Danae is kind of a stickler for correct lyrics.

Noelle: Shoobedooo and I will fall…..

They were singing Titanium. Needless to say, Danae got annoyed and corrected her, “It’s shoot me down!” Haha. 🙂

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