One night, Noelle saw something flying in our room.

Noelle: Aaaah, it’s a MOF!

She pronounces TH as F in certain words. 🙂


A few weeks back, we drove thru McDonald’s.

Noelle: Mom, I want a happy meal. I want the sNurf toy.

She got one of the naughties (not really sure because we didn’t watch this movie), and Danae got Snurfette. 🙂


I was teaching the girls the A you’re adorable song…..

Me: A, you’re….?

Noelle: Adorable

Me: B, you’re so….?

Noelle: I don’t know

Me: Beautiful. C, you’re so….?

Noelle: Shrugs

Me: Cute and full of charm. D, you’re a….?

Noelle: DORABLE.

Hahaha. D is for Darling, actually.

I can truly say Noelle is A, B, C, and D. 🙂

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