Zip it!

Danae burnt herself by touching a coffee maker last week. At first, she was fine. And then all of a sudden, she started freaking out.

Danae: It’s owie….waaaaah…
Mom: We will put medicine.
Danae: It’s not working! It’s still owie…. (kicking and screaming)
Mom, help me!
Me: I can’t do anything, love. It will go away soon.
Danae: Lord, help me!!!! Noelle, pray for me!!!
Noelle: Ok ate, but first ZIP.

Haha. Danae agreed through tears and Noelle prayed for her. First she wanted her very loud sister to zip it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Zip it!”

  1. Hahaha!!! Funny but profound! Learned something there. I agree with another comment that indeed it is when we are quiet that we get to hear God’s comfort. Very wise little girl, Noelle. Ate Danae is blessed to have you. 😉

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