My daughters love each other. When they are in great spirits, they are so sweet and considerate of each other. But they can really get into it when they argue and bicker. They get each other in trouble too! Danae often gives us the excuse that Noelle did it first or Noelle gave her some or whatever. It’s always Noelle’s fault.

Me: Nae, you always have a choice. Stop pointing fingers.

Danae: (protesting) But, I didn’t point at Noelle!!!

Hahaha. Kids are so literal sometimes. 🙂

About Phoebe Torres-Lucero

I am Phoebe Torres-Lucero, wife of a loving husband & dedicated pastor, King, and mother to three wonderful, smart, active little girls, Danae, Noelle and Gianna. Phoebe means bright and radiant. Torres means towers. Lucero means light. Put together, my name speaks of a tower of bright, radiant light. And that is what I hope to be as I write and share with you some of my experiences, especially on being a mom.

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