As I was cooking dinner last night, the girls had a sudden urge to snack. I asked them not to make a mess because our helper wasn’t back yet. Noelle settled for raisins, so that wasn’t a big deal. Danae decided to make a “salad.” Despite my warnings, she insisted. She mixed mayonnaise, cheese sauce and raisins. She proudly came to me with her creation, though I knew it was NASTY. I told her to make sure and finish it. She enthusiastically agreed.

Minutes later…
Danae: You want some, Mom? It’s yummy.
Me: No thanks, Nae. You made it, insisted to make it, so finish it.
Danae: (smiling) It’s a little not yummy.
Me: Finish it. You’re wasting food.
Danae: But, but it’s so eeeew!

Hahaha. When she was already in tears, I relented and told her to take 3 spoonfuls. She agreed and drank lots of water with it. Good way for her to learn to listen, obey, and not waste food. 🙂

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