Learning Filipino

Danae was answering her Filipino paces last week. One page’s instruction said to identify which picture’s names begin with a vowel. She had no trouble with some pictures, whose Filipino translations she knew. Elephant = Elepante. X = Ekis. But when she saw a cloud with a lightning bolt, she asked me, “What’s this mom? STORM-Eh?” Haha. Guess she thought it was a storm, when it was pertaining to lightning or in Filipino, KIDLAT.

Instructions on another page said to give the beginning letter sound of the name of each picture. Again, she knew some. Cloud = Ulap. Cat = Pusa. Key = Susi. When she saw the balloon, she looked up at me and half-guessing, asked, “What’s this again? BALLOON-Eh?” It’s LOBO in Filipino.

Haha. She tries. 🙂

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