We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last Tuesday, November 15th! We had a wonderful dinner date alone in this nice new hotel in Alabang, Acacia Hotel Manila. I liked their beautiful interior. It’s a lovely place and we enjoyed the buffet dinner. Loved that tomato-based soup, squash gratin, their bacon potato dish, the usual salmon & sushi. I love salad and I find that my favorite dressing is the balsamic vinaigrette. They had the classic beef and cabbage. The beef was just so tender and delicious! They had a pasta station, mongolian barbecue station, and a bread station that I could not enjoy anymore because I was already full! It must be the age! We’re not good buffet eaters anymore, but that means we’re living a little healthier these days.  Although I did enjoy their dessert station haha.

We had a very nice young server named Francis, who was very accommodating and friendly. He even had a complimentary cake prepared for us. It was so pretty.

The best part was that I had quality alone time with King, praying, thanking God and talking about our top 7 memorable moments over the years. Honestly, I had a tough time thinking of those moments without the kids, because we already had Danae right before we celebrated our 1st anniversary. But I did it haha. It just goes to show how important it is to BUILD MEMORIES WITH EACH OTHER AS HUSBAND AND WIFE, and not just memories as a family. Plus, I did not have to worry about the kids because they were being taken care of a good friend at home. (Thank you Thine, for being such a blessing to us.)

Happy Anniversary, King! 7 years ago, I made the second biggest, most important decision in my life. Even though there have been many downs and numerous mistakes, the UPs and lessons learned from those mistakes outweigh them. I am happy and grateful to be married to you. I love you forever. 🙂


  1. Was that really SEVEN YEARS ago when we were late for your wedding even if we were already in Tagaytay the night before? Hahaha. Happy anniversary to you guys! I love your family!

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