We were scheduled to fly to Busuanga on July 6. A few days before, I was perfectly healthy. Then I started sniffling on Monday, July 5. What a time to get sick! My mom and King were waiting on me to decide whether we should push through or not, seeing that I had not packed and that I was feverish and feeling bad. I was telling King they could go without me, but of course he didn’t want to since the trip was actually to celebrate my birthday. So with barely 3 hours of sleep but with a burst of God-given energy, I got up the next morning, packed, and got ready for our flight. I only started feeling bad again at the airport and on the plane. Noelle, of course, was awake the whole time, while I wanted to lay down and just sleep. My head was heavy, I had fever, cough & colds, and my body was just aching and weak. Noelle also looked like she was pooping on the plane, but we were afraid to check because the smell would reek. I checked when we landed. Thank God it was a false alarm! I didn’t have energy to change her diaper in a public restroom.


On the way to and when we got to quaint Birang Lodge in Coron, I just slept. I did not go with my family when they had lunch. I felt cold, weak, and just terrible. Thank God we were not bound by a pre-determined schedule like that of a package tour. I was able to just rest. I drank meds and asked my mom to massage my arms. This whole time, I just kept praying and praying that God would heal me so that I could enjoy our vacation. By mid-afternoon, I already broke into a sweat. My head still felt heavy but my body was feeling stronger. I was able to give Noelle a bath. By evening, I was able to join my family with our friend Hilbert and his mom for dinner. Hilbert, by the way, cooked super yummy adobo and super yummy fresh lapu lapu! We were not only his clients, but also his guests, so he was kind enough to bless us with his delicious cooking. The next morning, I was up and about for our first trip to the islands! I still had cough & colds, but God totally healed me from the flu! I know it was God because with the way I was feeling, normally that would have lasted a whole week. Amazing!

Hilbert hooked us up with this big bangka (pump boat) to go to Malcapuya Island to swim and have lunch, then we went to Banana Island for some snorkeling. At first we thought it would be rainy all day, but the sun was out by the time we got to the first island. The next day, we took a smaller boat and went island hopping again, visiting this shipwreck for snorkeling, Banul Island for lunch, Twin Lagoon to take a dip in the calm, brackish water,  Barracuda Lake hoping to get a glimpse of one barracuda (to no avail), and to the marine park Siete Picados to snorkel some more and see more corals & bigger fish. Though it was a bit rainy already on the 2nd half of our boat trip, it was so much fun for us all! Hilbert’s “people” prepared delicious food for us to bring on both trips. The boatmen were really nice to us. We enjoyed the beautiful beaches and the beautifully clear blue water. We especially enjoyed the fish feeding and snorkeling! Even Noelle was in on the feeding, totally unafraid. Danae at first kept saying that she didn’t want the fish to eat her, but when she learned how to use the snorkeling gear, we would hear her scream through the snorkel in excitement! She’s a water baby anyhow, so swimming alone makes her happy. Her deep tan speaks for itself. 🙂

By the fourth day, we moved to Darayonan Lodge because Hilbert’s aunt’s lodge (Birang) was already occupied by new tourists, and we still had 4 days left to enjoy Coron. Both lodges are affordable places and nicely situated in the town proper, but Birang is actually on the water. The boat “parks” right in front of the lodge. No need to take a trike, lug all your stuff including food to get to a dock. We appreciated that when our starting point for our last island hopping trip to go back to the shipwreck, Banul Island and Siete Picados, was Darayonan. We also had to look for food to bring for that trip, which turned out not to be that great. In Birang, it was easy, plus the food was good, except in our case, we had to tell the cook not to make too much haha. Their bathroom was big enough too, bright and clean, and their water supply with hot water, great! Darayonan was a good place to stay during the last days of our trip because it had a nice pool. King and the girls enjoyed it while my mom and I rested a lot.  Their restaurant was big and also served good food, though some food on the menu were not available. There was also a little monkey in the store right across the lodge, which entertained my girls a lot, especially when Noelle was cranky already. She would get excited and say “ooh, aah, aah.”

There was a nearby pizza place called Bistro Coron, which we visited twice. We liked their pizza and pasta. It’s owned by a foreigner who’s married to a Filipina, and is a pretty popular place. It’s near a drugstore and the local market too, so it’s very convenient.

King & Hilbert

On my birthday, the 12th, Hilbert invited us over to their house for lunch. He cooked pork humba, grilled squid and crabs for us! We were so full! Even their rice was so yummy! Afterwards, Hilbert and King had a short meeting about how to help the incoming youth pastor jump start and nurture the youth ministry in Coron. Hilbert is involved in their church there and he asked King for advise. Later that afternoon, King also met with the pastor himself. It’s so great to be a blessing and help others in reaching the next generation! I’m such a proud wife!

All in all, our Palawan trip was a blast! Even though I was sick, and my mom and the girls had cough & colds, and even though Noelle had one night with fever due to her vaccination the day before we left, we definitely had fun and made memories that will last a lifetime! The islands in Coron are just breathtaking. They have the strangest rock formations, smooth white sands, water that displays all the shades of blue, beautiful corals & lots of fish. Coron is just another reminder of what an awesome Creator we have and of how beautiful the Philippines really is.

Still thinking about it? Stop thinking, and book that flight! Who better to fix your package tour or to fix your itinerary if you don’t want a package, than a local like Hilbert Enriquez? Add him up on Facebook, so you can personally get in touch with him.

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Published by Phoebe Torres-Lucero

I am Phoebe Torres-Lucero, wife of a loving husband & my best friend, King, and mother to three wonderful, smart, active princesses who keep me on my toes. Phoebe means bright and radiant. Torres means towers. Lucero means light. Put together, my name speaks of a tower of bright, radiant light. And that is what I hope to be as I write and share my sari-sari stories with you. 😊

14 thoughts on “MY PALAWAN BIRTHDAY

  1. really awesome!!!! i’d definitely visit this one(hehe especially the good places to eat)!!! happy birthday again!!!!

  2. Great you enjoyed your birthday bash! 😀 Ptr King was really excited for this trip,He wanna ensure that your stay will be so much fun for you and your family…..:-D Naks naman! *wink* I knew it! Danae will be enjoying the waters of Coron! Amazing di ba?!!! you wanna go back over and over again..cant wait for your pics.:-D

  3. Belated Happy birthday my friend 🙂 God really wanted u to push thru with the Palawan trip despite the colds and cough. He wanted u to see one of His great creations! You’re right as Coron is such a breath-taker! When Janssen officiated Hilbert’s wedding 2 yrs ago there, while touring around the diff islands & beaches, all I could think of was my kids who would have enjoyed the white sand and clear beach water. I am glad as young as how Nae and Noelle are, they were able to enjoy Coron. I am sure, your bday was a memorable one!! So happy for u 🙂 Muah!

  4. I’m glad that you enjoyed your vacation regardless that you have a cough and cold.

    Love your stories about the foods you ate there. 😀 I wish I experience Coron when I was in college. We had a tour in Coron in my 4th year but due to the budget, I didn’t go. But I’m hoping soon I will visit Coron too. Woohoo!!!!

    I agree, we have a magnificent Creator. Love the picture of the pink coral. I wish that people learn how to take good care of this wonderful planet so that the next generation will enjoy it like the way we enjoyed it. 🙂

  5. It’s really a great experience especially for Noelle!!! nakaka encourage mag snorkling!!! I’m excited na going there next year….It’s great also that you had a wonderful birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Phoebe!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA. plugged! I agree, there is so much “beauty” that God has given us, and he alone knows how to perfectly romance with us. fun family! hahaha

  7. Gusto ko din magpunta. Plan namen before ng mga friends ko magpunta after our trip in Sagada but our plan never pushed. So glad to read your stories. Thanks for letting me know.

  8. Finally figured out how to leave a comment here. Happy for you to have celebrated your birthday w/ your wonderful family! God did not allow any flu or sickness for that matter to hinder you to enjoy your birthday week…..snorkling while feeding the fish would be one of our favorite family time too. God is good=)

  9. I love the Philippines! 🙂 I’m glad you and your family had that trip. Aaaahhh… travelllllll! ❤ God is GREAT. And you have a beautiful family.

    To Phoebe on July 12: Happy Birthday! ^_^

  10. nagutom ako bigla sa food stories, haha! Anyway I’m really happy that you all had a great time in Coron and that you recovered from the flu early enough to enjoy your week-long birthday celebration 🙂

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