Adorable Noelle

Noelle is exactly 18 months old today, July 6. Time flies so fast! And yet when you see her adorable, round face, big forehead and minimal hair on her head, she looks like a 1-yr old baby. You could say she’s sporting a mullet hahaha. She’s just too cute!

I’m so happy to report that she’s getting to be so talkative already! Her vocabulary has increased rapidly and I’ve listed more than 75 words that she knows and tries to say. Words like Abee, which could mean Gabby her cousin, Jollibee her fave bee, or Barbie the doll, depending on which she’s seeing or on what you’re talking to her about. Ice could mean ate Cendy, ice which she likes to eat, rice or fries which she also likes to eat haha. She has this distinct loud voice with a distinct tone too.

Speaking of Jollibee, Noelle just loves him. Every time we pass by a Jollibee, she loves to touch the statue, but I never knew how excited she would be to see the actual mascot! She was calling him and screaming, jumping in her stroller seat, stretching her arms out for him to come to her. But whenever Jollibee went near her, she wouldn’t want to be touched haha. She also loves to watch and dance to Jollibee’s video of their theme song on King’s laptop, and even falls asleep to it!

Everyone has raved about how Noelle loves to eat. Sometimes friends can bribe her to go with them using food. At home, she’ll eat when there’s someone eating at the table, no matter if she had already eaten. She likes pizza! Last Sunday, a friend told me that she got the girls some pizza. As I was about to leave home to pick King up in church, I told Noelle that I’ll be back with pizza that Tita Ria gave. She cried, but I was able to go anyway. When we got back, I wasn’t able to bring the pizza out right away. Noelle was the one who reminded me saying, “Ta! Ta!” (pizza! pizza!) Haha kids really hold us to our word!

Noelle’s getting to be quite a character. She’s mild-mannered, but can be feisty too. She loves the NAT show and can sing the first part of Justin Bieber’s Baby song “wo-owowowoh” and answers “oh” to the baby, baby, baby part. She knows how to play duck duck goose, and pretends to run and scream when she says “duck, duck” and then we say goose! She likes to “hide! hide!” and play “aaa-min” (i’m coming!) which means she wants us to go after her. She makes the most adorable faces and gives the sweetest smiles. Now she pretends to cry just out of the blue, then smiles when you look at her. She knows how to pose for the camera and to pretend to take pictures, telling her subjects to “mayl!” One time, I fell asleep while she was playing. I heard her calling me patiently in the same tone, “mom. mom. mom.” I thought I was dreaming till I realized it was Noelle. She must have called me ten times, and when I opened my eyes, she pointed to her book and said “yook.” I guess she just really really wanted me to look! When asked where something is, she likes to point and say “dee” even if that thing isn’t really there. She calls Danae “Nae,” “Naenae,” or “atee” hahaha.

Noelle can already tell us if she got hurt by saying “owie” or “ipi” (ipit). She says words like “noys,” “joys,” “toysh,” which actually mean nose, juice and push! “wa-wa” is water, “ee” is eat, and “oldit” is hold it, for when she wants to hold something herself. When you ask her who Noelle is, she doesn’t repeat her name as our experience with Danae, but she points to herself and says “me.” One time, she woke up when Danae was leaving for school. She panicked, cried a bit, patted her chest, saying “me, me!” It was like she was saying “what about me? me too!” Poor thing.

Noelle likes to pull our hands to take us where she wants to go, usually to the refrigerator hahaha. She likes to be with my mom, too. It’s adorable because Danae got to enjoy my dad, tailing him all the time. Now that my mom’s retired and is home more often than before, Noelle tails her a lot. She didn’t get to meet my dad, though she knows him from pictures, but she is well-bonded to my mom.

Noelle is really a blessing to us. Please feel free to share your own moments with her here. Thanks! 🙂

Published by Phoebe Torres-Lucero

I am Phoebe Torres-Lucero, wife of a loving husband & my best friend, King, and mother to three wonderful, smart, active princesses who keep me on my toes. Phoebe means bright and radiant. Torres means towers. Lucero means light. Put together, my name speaks of a tower of bright, radiant light. And that is what I hope to be as I write and share my sari-sari stories with you. 😊

10 thoughts on “Adorable Noelle

  1. Hi Ate Phoebe,

    There’s so many memories with Noelle but the one that strikes me most is that whenever I played with her and Francis is near, she chooses her Tito Francis over me, 🙂 hehehe, she’s too cute! okay lang! and one time ,when I was ushering on a sat service, i carried her during worship and she raised both her hands! 🙂 nagulat ako! ang cute nya! 🙂

  2. Noelle’s pretty quick too, like Danae. And soo soo adorable. Jay fell in love with her the first time he saw her. 🙂

  3. I like her calling out Ana’s name, with her tiny, subdued voice! Andrea is also “Ana” to her. Haha!

  4. Sharp ang memory ni Noelle…hehehehe.Hope she didnt eat all the pizza ah..thats for her and Ate Danae…:-D

    One more thing Phoebz,when she says sorry by holding the face of the person …that really melts my heart…aaaawwww! 😀

  5. Aha, Jollibee fan pala ha. Let her watch the video clip of Jollibee dancing ala-Justin Bieber (check my FB), maybe she’ll like it too. Noelle is so nakakagigil esp. when she’s eating! I can’t forget her cute and funny facial expression after you breastfed her once while we were in the school playground… it’s like her way of saying “Busog!” 🙂

  6. It’s sooo heartwarming to see and hear Noelle scream at the top of her lungs and giggle with so much joy whenever she sees mommy and daddy. That sight never fail to move me. And the name-callings. *gigil* haha

  7. what i can say is “Ahhh” so cute!!! I’m laughing and smiling as I go along reading this blog. I remember when my mom or dad tells me stories what i usually say about things when I was her age. hehehe 🙂

    I hope I could have some experiences with her like Danae.

    …hmmm…I think I will visit you at your house 😀

  8. One fond memory that I have with my sister was also when she went the first time to school. Ate was crying outside the classroom, and I was seated on her chair. I was the one the teacher aide guiding because I make a scene “daw” in the classroom if no one responds to my call. My dad told me I cried also when ate left the house without me. And so, my lola brought me to the school to check if I can attend school already. Haha I remember myself when I was young and even when I got old.

  9. hey! isn’t that me in the picture? Noelle’s holding me!! hehe. 🙂
    I love that when i carried her and then she saw my mom…she said “Wowa!” hehe. too cute!! 😀
    i love you noelle!!!

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